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Review: All The Wrong Reasons by J.L. Paul

Title: All the Wrong Reasons
By: JL Paul
Published: Feburary 24th, 2011
My Copy: Bought Ebook from Amazon
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About the book:
Irelyn's life is headed in the right direction: College education, new friends, fantastic boyfriend. Her dream of writing romance novels isn't too far out of reach. Her relationship with her family is good. And to top it all off, she's positive her boyfriend is going to propose soon. Yes, life is wonderful.

Until that night with Lucas changes everything.
I added All the Wrong Reasons to my list after finding it reviewed as a must read for Beautiful Disaster Fans. I concur whole heartedly with this statement, and I am frustrated with myself for overlooking this book for so long. The cover for this novel, while fitting, does not do this story justice. All the Wrong Reasons is fast paced and effortlessly sucks you into the story. Irelyn's life resembled that of a caged animal; as she constantly tries to live up to the expectations of her prestige Grandparents. As she stands on the brink of adulthood; this young girl should be living and experiencing life, but it is apparently obvious that under watchful eyes she must scrutinize her every action. As Irelyn embarks on her first year in college she finds herself enjoying the freedom and friendship, but when she willingly walks into arms of one HOT lead singer in a local band she begins to question where her future is heading and just who and what makes her happy.  This is an incredible story about self discovery, betrayal, and love that refuses to release you even after the last page. I never thought it possible to hold my breath through an entire book, but All the Wrong Reasons proves it. Be prepared for the rolling coaster of emotions as this story unfolds.
**Stop here to avoid spoilers**
Some details that I would like to point out about this book are included here. I didn't want to include them with the first part of the review for fear of ruining the story for other readers. First off, I love the way this author makes the main character appear as the villain for much of this book. With two loving and wonderful guys chasing her it is easy to sympathize with her current situation, but it is also possible to lay blame where it is due as she leaves a trail of unresolved issues along the way. She knowingly opens her arms to this disaster, although I don't quite blame her; but this open the door for the avalanche that will follow. Lucas perceives himself as the "bad guy" of the story, but at no point was I capable of viewing him as such. It is obvious from the start that this was never an affair or a fling. Readers will endure her rollercoaster relationship, but silently find themselves in love with one. Some characters true colors remain hidden for a majority of the story, but in the climax of the story true identities emerge unfold the deeper meaning in the story. As everything begins falling apart readers will find themselves furious with the situation and at the reality of the choices proving just how unfair life can really be. This story is not only a romance, but a realistic display of finding yourself and being true to yourself. I loved every second to this story, and recommend it to everyone. If you are desperate to read something you can feel this is the book for you.


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