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Jessica’s Guide Book Tour Guest Post, Review, and Giveaway


Check it out! Beth Fantaskey just released the second book to Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Darkside. I had the pleasure of reviewing the book, so be sure to check it out. I had the pleasure of working with Beth for this book tour, and she was a pleasure to work with. Beth offered a Top Ten List to help fans learn just a little more about her. Below is her Top Ten Favorites…. Check it out!

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Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy

(Not Including Spending Time With People I Love)

1.    Putting on warm pajamas at 5 p.m. on a cold day
2.    Big Mac – extra “special sauce”
3.    Tall suede boots
4.    Ketchup
5.    Finishing a manuscript
6.    Getting off a plane in a new country
7.    Getting off the treadmill at my gym
8.    Waking up at 3 a.m. – and being able to go back to sleep
9.    Mayonnaise
10.    My lucky socks, fresh out of the dryer

As I said above I had the pleasure of also reviewing this title. Check it out as well!

jessica rules the dark side

Title: Jessica Rules the Dark Side

By: Beth Fantaskey

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Released: January 10th, 2012


About the book:

It’s one thing to find out you’re a vampire princess. It’s a whole other thing to actually rule. Newly married Jessica Packwood is having a hard enough time feeling regal with her husband, Lucius, at her side. But when evidence in the murder of a powerful elder points to Lucius, sending him into solitary confinement, Jessica is suddenly on her own. Determined to clear her husband’s name, Jessica launches into a full-scale investigation, but hallucinations and nightmares of betrayal keep getting in her way. Jessica knows that with no blood to drink, Lucius’s time is running out. Can she figure out who the real killer is—and whom she can trust—before it’s too late?

Reviews Plate It is finally here!!!! It has been a extremely long and pain staking wait for this book. I was in love with this series from the first chapter of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside. There is just something unique about this story that others are lacking. It is not all about the danger and mystery of their kind, but more of a young girl that demands the right to make her own choices. As we begin Jessica's Guide for Ruling the Darkside I was frustrated with her character. After showing so much potential in the conclusion of book one; she has regressed to the weak and simple girl that hide behind Lucius coat tails. This angered me to no end. I was horrified to see Lucius's character have to battle for his very existence in this book, but I was elated to see the opportunity for Jessica to "vamp up". I was beside myself with joy when Jessica put Lucius's uncle in his place at the trial meeting. This was what I had been waiting for! Jessica finally steps into the role of a Queen. She is no longer weak, and she is no longer taking there sh**! On the sidelines it was awesome to also have Mindy's story continue. While, I am discouraged to have seen them step away, and return to California. I am anxious to see if their characters will take a much firmer role in the future. Obviously, this is also my way of also saying that I am hoping for the story continues. Beth Fantaskey is an incredible author, and knows how to tell an awesome story. I love following her characters as they develop and grow. It is obvious that Fantaskey is maturing as an author, and will be a name to watch in the years to come. I am a huge fan, and will continue to follow her books closely; as I am anxious to see where the books take her in the future.


Giveaway Question

If you have been following this blog tour I am sure you know how this works. For those of you that have not been following. There is a question below that answers can be found on Beth Fantaskey’s website here. Find the answer, and post it here. For every correct answers fans will be given one entry to a autographed copy of both books in this series.


What does it mean if a vampire dreams of a stake,

according to Lucius Vladescu?

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