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Review: The Haunted by JA Templeton

The Haunted 2

Title: The Haunted

By: JA Templeton

Series: MacKinnon Curse #2

Publisher: Self Published (January 8th, 2012)

My Copy: Ebook provided by the Author

BookWhisperer Rating:

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About the book:

After battling a malevolent ghost that held the spirit of her friend Ian MacKinnon bound to the land for two hundred years, sixteen-year-old reluctant psychic, Riley Williams, felt as if she was finally easing into her new life in Scotland.

Or so she thought.

Laria, the spirit of the witch who had cursed Ian wants revenge for Riley’s interference and she’s bringing along friends—dark entities who thrive on evil.
The one bright spot in Riley’s world is Ian’s descendent, Kade MacKinnon, who could easily be Ian’s modern day twin. The parallels between the two guys are undeniable. As Riley’s relationship with Kade blossoms, she begins to realize Laria has grown in her power since their last confrontation—a power that could very well manipulate the living just as effectively as the dead.

Reviews Plate What am I supposed to do now? I started The Deepest Cut, and found myself in love. While I was aware of some minor glitches in the first novel; this second book showed none of the same obstacles. Where book one was an instant attraction and an impossible relationship; book two is budding relationship that grows and develops. The Haunting starts from where book one leaves off at full speed. Upon the return of the cousins, Riley finds herself instantly drawn to Kade MacKinnon; but is it solely due to the resemblance to a certain ghost or is there more to the attraction. It quickly proves difficult getting to know Kade with a pesky determined ghost that just refuses to go away, but somehow Riley and Kade manage to find a strong connection that grows rather quickly. As the deadly interactions become more and more frequent Riley will have to accept her inability to face this alone, but determine just who can she trust with her secrets. This was the first appearance of the MacKinnon family, and I am in love with the entire bunch. Each with their unique personalities make them stand out amongst the entire cast of character. This was a heart racing read from the start, and Templeton offered the same goose bump read that I enjoyed with The Deepest Cut. The ending was a race right up until the last page, and left me in a daze. I spent several minutes flipping pages back and worth saying, "Are you kidding me? It just STOPS!" I know it is intended to be a cliff hanger, but really what am I supposed to do now? It will be a depressing wait for the next book. So far each book as been short and easy reads, but offering a captivating and intriguing story that will leave you begging for more. These are BookWhisperer Must Reads.

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