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Review: Pride and Popularity by Jenni James

Pride and popularity

Title: Pride & Popularity

By: Jenni James

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Publisher: Inkberry Press (August 3rd, 2011)

My Copy: Review Galley from Publisher

BookWhisperer Rating:

four stars

About the book:

Taylor always gets what he wants—until now.
Chloe Elizabeth Hart despises the conceited antics of the popular crowd, or more importantly, one very annoying self-possessed guy, Taylor Anderson, who seems determined to make her the president of his fan club! As if! Every girl in the whole city of Farmington, New Mexico, is in love with him, but he seems to be only interested in Chloe.
This modern high school adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is a battle of wits as Chloe desperately tries to remain the only girl who can avoid the inevitable—falling for Taylor.

review plate James offers a quick witty romance that readers will speed through. Chloe perceives Taylor as the arrogant heart throb that could only offer heartbreak and mayhem. From the start it appears that Chloe catches Taylor’s eye, but Chloe wishes for nothing but the chance to blend in with the background. Readers will sympathize with her character, and justify her defensive character. It is easy to understand her desire to avoid is his unwanted attention, and to place judgment on his character. Although, it is best to not judge a book by its cover especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Pride and Popularity is easy to slide through effortlessly. A great book for relaxation, and watching a love blossom.


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