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Review: Fate Fixed by Bonnie Wheeler

fate fixed

Title: Fate Fixed

By: Bonnie Wheeler

Series: Erris Coven Book 1

Released: July 23rd, 2011

My copy: Ebook provided by Author

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About the book:

When Lexie Anderson’s mother suddenly announces she is marrying a Romanian immigrant, Lexie willingly leaves behind her busy life in Connecticut for her penance in “The Moose Capital of the World.” Small town living is strange enough, now Lexie must cope with her overbearing stepfamily monitoring her every move. They disappear into the woods at night and keep a strange secret locked in their shed. Her once calm mother is now having violent outbursts and Lexie’s little sister is hearing sinister sounds coming from the forest behind their new home.
Lexie’s biggest surprise comes when she discovers the boy she has been dreaming about since her accident is living in Maine. Despite Torin’s questionable reputation, Lexie cannot resist the physical and emotional attraction pulsating between them.
Animals and people in town are turning up dead and Lexie learns the strange new world she lives in has real life monsters. Just when she decides she wants to be with Torin forever, she must fight to protect her mother and sister from being harmed a formidable evil.

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Fate Fixed wraps a Mystery/Thriller into a Paranormal Romance. It chapters alternates between one of three characters; telling the story from their perspective. Lexie is trying to come to terms with the accidental death of her father, as well as, accept her new life that includes several new obnoxious step brothers. As if the these drastic changes weren't enougher new framily is about to wisked away for a fresh start in a new town. I was surprised by this story, and it's almost horror genre comparisons. Lexie's story is a terrifying, yet sweet all wrapped up in one book. First off the brothers are very unsettling, but it is easy to see where Lexie accepts Alik so effortlessly. He seems to be her peace in all the chaos, and I think this bond is helping her accept all of this changes. Torin and his family are a mystery most of this book. While he has a common presence in the book he talks in code, and the true nature of his being is not revealed for most of the book. I love his family! While I had a little trouble accepting the depth and sincerity of Lexie and Torin's connection; you can tell that this is a devoted family and the bonds run deep. The desire to protect Lexie is a common trait for all of the cousins, and her acceptance is obvious througtout the pages. The overall pace of Fate Fixed was a little to be desired. I liked the storyline, I liked the mixture of Mystery/Thriller vs. Romance, I liked the conclusion, but throughout all of these like I still felt like something is missing from the story. I believe that thing missing the the captivating romance that almost makes you feel as though you are living it. This story has all of the potential, but it just didn't quite make it there for me.

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