Wednesday, November 30

End of Prince of Wolves Contest

Prince of Wolves

 Prince of Wolves contest is coming to a close today, and I wanted to thank everyone who participated, and the compliments that were published in regards to the Grey Wolves series. I have heard from the author often during the duration of this contest, and she was thrilled to hear such wonderful feed back about her books. I hate it that I have to select only a few winners, but you all deserve props for the wonderful display of readership that we have to offer to the book community. It is a dream to be able to read numerous book for the sole purpose of helping authors in their journeys as authors. I love each and every book that I have the pleasure of reviewing and thank reader and writers alike for the dedication they offer for the literary world. We not only help their dreams come true, but they offer dreams for us to follow. Thank you for the adventures!!!!!

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Quinn Loftis said...

Thank you Jackie!!!!!! I appreciate all your help!!!!!