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Friday, October 21

Hottie Vampire Covers

You know how we all know and love those sexy vampire covers. One of my favorite publicist friends offer some information on just how hard they have to work for that look. KJ Wignall released Blood on September 5th, but they have been working on a different cover. Check out what I learned below.

To start, Elizabeth Law, the publisher, talked to the jacket designer, Sammy Yuen, about what ideas he might have for showing the character of Will, a teenage vampire who was ³created² in the 13th Century and Sammy had the idea of showing the vampire as he stalks the streets of London. As she recalled, there was some discussion of wardrobe, and of a long jacket that might be a possible choice for the model (Sterling) to wear. But when Elizabeth
arrived at the photo shoot she was so dazzled by the sight of Sterling with his shirt off that all thought of trying additional wardrobe choices went out of her head. She wanted something where the character looked haunted, but
also where he would clearly appeal to the readership. I¹d say they nailed it!

What follows are paired shots from the photo shoot and Elizabeth¹s commentary on the thought process behind each one.

Sterling wiht long hair

sterling with short hair


1. short vs long hair (Sterling with short hair & Sterling with long hair) Will has long  hair in the book! But, frankly, we hated how the wig looked. We decided we could live with the error, that being immediately appealing was more important than being 100% accurate.




Sterling hair in the face

Sterling one-eyed long hair


2. one-eyed view vs hair in the face (Sterling one-eyed long hair & Sterling hair in the  face) The single eye shots looked good in the studio, but when we tried them on the cover, we found it was a little forced looking‹like he was acting, rather than natural. Also, we really hated the wig!




Strikes a pose A

Strikes a post B


3. strike a pose poses (Strikes a pose A & Strikes a pose B) The first shot was too   reminiscent of Taylor Lautner¹s entrance in Twilight:Eclipse, and in the second I thought Will looked like a juvenile delinquent‹not heir to the Earl of Mercia, which he was long ago, before he was attacked and became a vampire.




not to fog

to fog

4. to fog and not to fog (To fog & Not to fog)
I LOVED the fog. We tried shots with and without fog because we weren¹t sure which would look better on the jacket. We ended up using a fog shot because it added to the ³atmosphere² on the book jacket.




just blackblack fog


5. black fog and just black (Black fog & Just black)
It¹s interesting, because the shots against black look really good‹but the white background allowed the designer, Sammy Yuen, to lay in the London architecture into the finished background. Also, black made me think³vampire at night² which I find really clich├ęd.


black fog full frontal shot black fog over the should look 6. full frontal versus over the shoulder look (black fog full frontal & black fog over the should look) There was quite a bit of discussion about over the shoulder‹I thought those shots were very sexy. We are thinking of using an over the shoulder
shot in the book¹s sequel (due out next fall) called Alchemy.




Not all glams and glory the first try I see… I like hearing about how they come up with the ideas for these amazing covers that grab us everyday….

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Jessica(BookLover) said...

Great post! It's interesting to see the creative process that leads to the final product. :)

Jen Greyson | Author said...

What an incredibly cool behind-the-scenes look!