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Review: Falling from Grace by S.L Naeole

Falling from grace

Title: Falling from Grace

By: S.L. Naeole

Publisher: Crystal  Quill Publishing (January 10th, 2010)

My Copy: Review Copy Ebooks via Publisher

BookWhisperer Rating: four stars


About the book:

When you wake up in the morning and your eyes take in the first hints of light that shine through your window, the dust motes catching and reflecting the sun’s rays like little diamonds, the shimmering hues of yellow and orangey gold breaking through into your room, the first thing you think about usually isn’t how you’re going to make it through the worst day of your life.
Unfortunately for Grace Shelley, that’s exactly what she’s facing as she ponders what to do now that she’s going to be starting out her last year in high school without her best friend. She’s not exactly the most popular girl in school - well, not the most popular girl in school to like, anyway - and everything seems to be hinting at another status quo year for her until she bumps into a stranger who leaves her stumbling for words and chasing after her heart.
The new guy in school is different. Robert doesn’t care about the rumors he’s heard about her or that no one else seems to see her the same way that he does; he only wants to be her friend. That’s when things get complicated. When Grace learns that he’s not your typical high school boy and that he’s actually a wingless angel who’s looking for someone to trust, she’s thrust into his world where not all angels are meant to protect human beings, and where the changes she brings into his life changes everything in hers.

review plateFalling from Grace is a marathon of a read. Packed full of detail and mystery; this novel will cause some readers a struggle. The slow but steady pace will have readers feeling the legnth of the story. Although, the results are well worth the duration. Robert and Grace's character are very likable; this will offset some of the struggles. Grace being the society outcast is a very sad and depressing. Readers will find themselves supportive of Robert and his transformation of this young girls world. The movement of this story from something depression to a happily ever after will captive the soft hearted reader. It was a little tiresome the rollercoaster ups and downs of the on again off again relationship. Grace or Robert seemed to turn tail and run with any hiccup in the story, but I am hoping that this will be resolved for the start of the next book. I am anxious to begin reading the remainder of this series.


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