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Review: Kane Richards Must Die by Shanice Williams

Title: Kane Richards Must Die

By: Shanice Williams

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Publisher: Lands Atlantic Publishing (May 12th, 2011)

My Copy: Advanced Reading Copy from Publisher

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About the book:

After an unexpected transfer to the States for her senior year, Suranne's new friends give her just one instruction: stay away from Kane Richards. According to everyone, he's a heartless playboy concerned only for himself. With one glance, it's easy to see why he gets away with it. But things aren't always what they seem- especially when he sets his sights on her and whispers that she's "different."

Despite all the red flags, Suranne considers whether or not his intentions are genuine or if she's simply another name on his list. In the process, she may just uncover the real Kane Richards. But, when it comes down to it, the real Kane Richards may not want to be found. Filled with raw emotion, Kane Richards Must Die, explores relationships, trust, love, and what can happen when life takes an unexpected turn.

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Shanice Williams takes readers by storm in this vibrant novel of romance and reality. The story of a young girl that finds herself relocated in the States, and the main attraction for the school playboy. This is a story with deep emotional dialect that readers will consume in one setting. The characters of Kane and Suranne are intriguing and relatable, so readers will feel interwoven into this heart racing read. From the description alone this novel was nothing the simple young romance that I had anticipated, but rather a intense read of love, loss, and acceptance.  Awestruck is the best word that I could find to describe my feelings toward this debuting novel. Seeing that this was a young adult read I was surprised that the depth of sexual concept in this story. While I do not think that this author could have created as great of a story without it I would definitely be wary of the advanced concepts of this novel. Personally, I would recommend this read the higher spectrum of young adult readers, as well as, adult readers.  Prepare to be  overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoaster of this read, but sad to see it all come to a close. The conclusion was a wonderful twisted; it manages to wrap the heart wrenching story and tuck nicely into a happily ever after that readers will love. This author will intrigue and surprise readers. This is one to be on the look for in the future.

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website said...

I really liked this story. It's the classic case of the bad boy who has issues under the surface and the girl who presses his comfort zone. I really liked both Kane and Surranne and couldn't wait to see what happened. This story is a raw and real, but fun at the same time!