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Review: 44 by Jools Sinclair


Title: 44

By: Jools Sinclair

Publisher: You Come Too Publishing
(March 10th, 2011)

My Copy: Ebook provided by Author

BookWhisperer Rating: five stars

About the book:

Last year after falling through the ice, seventeen-year-old Abby Craig woke up from death.
But she woke into a world she barely recognizes. She can’t see colors, memories have been erased, and her friends all hate her. And then there’s Jesse, who she loves, but who refuses to forgive her the one mistake she made long ago.
Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, the visions begin. In them, she sees a faceless serial killer roaming the streets. While the police believe that there have been a lot of accidents in town lately, Abby knows differently. And she soon realizes that it’s up to her to find him.
But to stop him, she’ll have to confront more than just the killer. She’ll have to face something else that was lost in those dark waters. The truth.

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IMPRESSIVE! 44 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and will take is readers by storm. Abby is a seventeen year old trying to come to terms with her near death experience. Although, that hardly gives justice when she was officially dead of 44 minutes. As if waking for this wasn't enough to overcome emotionally; now Abby is trying to adjust to the physical damage that the accident has caused her. With several problems including a limp, color blindness, severe headaches, and memory loss; Abby life is not at all what she was used to. Even worse she can't remember  most of what happened just before or after the accident leaving a ton of mysteries that she just can't seem to sort out. Just when she begins to accept her life as normal; she begins having nightmare that are actually more than just dreams. This was an intriguing twist of paranormal added to the story. After a couple unexplained deaths are uncovered; Abby learns that she is having dreams about these unexplained death, even more that dreams are telling her they are not simple suicides. The ability to uncover the killer through her dreams was a bit terrifying to say the least. Jools Sinclair is a talented author with the ability to paint a very vivid picture for the readers. It is easy to imagine and follow a story with detail and intensity that was previewed in this story. Jesse and Abby are a bit of reality that was easy to relate and understand. Their romance was a bit of sweet heaven in this novel. The history and relationship between characters is an unspoken and deep hearted love that will have readers craving more. There past is heart wrenching and emotional promising to captivate readers with intrigue and desperation. Their sweet romance with add to the overall excellence of this read promising to attract a variety of readers. With so little pages concern toward to pace of this novel was elevated immediately. Sinclair seems to start this book in the middle of the story without leaving the reader confused and unknowing. With so much information in such a small book it will impress readers to the detail and depth in so few pages. The conclusion will take your breath away. Don't miss you chance to check out this amazing story.


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