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Review: Last Door by K. Raven Rozier

Title: Last Door
By: K. Raven Rozier
Publisher: Lulu Publishing
(August 15th, 2009)
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Imagine a secret so evil that exposing it could destroy you or set you free.

This is the true story of a father reunited with his young son. He discovers, over time, that the boy’s mind is fractured into more than 400 multiple personalities that protect his secrets. The family’s lives are threatened when they discover he is also possessed by demons that seek to destroy them. The boy’s mother offered her son up to a satanic cult and to abuses so horrific that they seem more like fiction than reality.

How does this happen to a God-fearing family, and how do they deal with what is revealed to them? A young boy’s secrets could destroy this family, or, at the very least, bring it to its knees. When the O’Neal family is threatened by mysterious forces, cultic rituals, and a labyrinth of obstacles, they find out how far they will go and how hard they will fight to save one of their own and themselves in the ultimate, real life battle of good versus evil.

Everybody has a secret. Some are darker than others. What would you do to protect your secrets?

Last Door is a terrifying story that portrays any families worst nightmare. I found myself captivated by this book description, and was compelled that this was a story I just had to read. Relucantly, I began to fear starting this novel due to my own fears of demons and possession. In an effort to overcome my fear I dove right in. Immediately this novel had my full attention, and I was surprised to find this novel to be so much more than a story of possession. As a Christian, we are to believe "He will deliever us from evil". Although this is a ture story about what happens with evil is brought to you. This shows how the actions done by others left this family with a decision to battle evil in their own home. It is incredible that this child had undergone so much, and had found a way to cope by the dividing himself into over 400 seperate persons. While much of this book sickened me to experience this child's abuse, through the retelling of this story, I was overcome with the urgency to press on. Throughout all of the trials and obstacles that this family saw; I was empowered by this family and the glorious miracles they recieved. It is obvious that the Lord was assisting this family to heal this young boy. What an incredibly strong family this must have been to continue on untainted and faithful through such a traumatic time in their Christian lives. I see the accomplishments by this Loving family, but I am saddened that they were not able to fully recover. While, life pressed on and the miracles of the Lord gave this young man a somewhat normal life. The Last Door was left closed, and this young man will never fully recover. Though as a believer I have to think that just maybe this was for the best. Only God would know if this was the better option. That maybe "The Last Door" would have been Brendan's undoing. The Afterword was a very strong proclaimation for this author. This being her attempt to show others what evil really exists in our world. It was also a stance on her own beliefs that I find to be very honorable. While I began this novel with my own fears; I concluded this novel with new feelings. Just maybe this was my own way of understanding a little better, and aleviating some of my own fears. While, this is a terrible story I praise the wonderful work of the Lord.


Stephen said...

Thanks for reviewing "Last Door". I will check it out! I would recommend "Mojo" by Kris Sedersten to you. It is a fast-paced mystery thriller with that "Good verses Evil" story line and a lot of paranormal twist. Mojo really shows that having faith in a power greater than ourselves will lift us through even the most unforeseeable obstacles in life.

Anonymous said...

ok so i put my comment in the giveaway spot and it was suppose to be here...:D