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Friday, September 3

October Excitement

Ironically, my two favorite holidays of the year are Halloween and Easter. That is the two times a year that it is all about the kids, and your sole intentions if you choose to participate is for the joy and fun with children. Halloween being by far my favorite means that my best moments of the year are just around the corner. As of this moment I do believe that my children, Hayley (8) and Maverick (2), are going to be Dorothy and the Scarecrow for Halloween. Just to share my delight I have begun a family tradition that every year we take the kids to the local campground where they have a trick or treat night within the camp ground. Campers will decorate their campsites for a contest, and everyone lines the street handing out candy to all of the princesses, goblins, and robots. This is an incredible evening for my family; it is one place that I don't worry about the candy that my children are recieving and I don't worry about if they just want to run ahead a little with all their excitement. Don't get me wrong the amount of people that arrive for the same purpose is astounding, and almost everyone of the 400 campsite at this campground will be full. After we load up the CODed (Candy Overdosed) children into the car we will take them home, and on Halloween we will watch Halloween movies or find something that is just as festive for the holiday.

As for my blog I have also decided this year to become a little festive. I have been invited by the wonderful Teresa over at Read All Over Reviews to participate in the 31 days of Halloween. I have not singled down what I will be doing on this day, but I will be trying to come up with something awesome. If you have any ideas of this you would like to see on your 31 days of Halloween drop a line here. Let's make the whole month of October a blast and show our love for the Holiday.

The BookWhisperer

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kjovus said...

That sounds like so much fun! We love to camp and go every chance we get. It would be spooky to watch the disney version of ichabod crane and the legend of sleepy hollow on a projection screen while camping. . . I think you have inspired a new tradition. (we camp on thanksgiving too)