Friday, July 23

My Apologies

Well it looks as though I have offended many in Book Sale. My apologies are great in that this action was not intended to upset or offend any bloggers, authors, or publicist with my actions. It has been said that a book I sold was a review books, and that I was unethically selling this book. While, I would understand if this was particularly the case I still feel that it is my obligation to apologize for my actions. My intentions were true in the fact that any books sold were to be used in the purchase of further books. The particular book in question was actually a giveaway book that I had won, and nothing on my list was any Early Review books, but I still come to understand that this was to be considered indescent on my part. Again, I will apologize for my actions and this will be a lessoned learned. With sincerest apologies The BookWhisperer.


Steve Capell said...

How were you suppose to know that the book wasn't suppose to be sold? Is it marked someway "For Review Only Not For Sale?" I have won several books (not for review) and after reading them I give them to friends ... is this wrong also? I am trying to understand?

Sherry said...

I know many bloggers who sell books after they are done with them, or trade arcs(since youre not supposed to sell them). I see nothing wrong with this, and when the time comes where my bookshelf can hold no more, I will do the same. I don't think you did anything wrong.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I don't think you did anything wrong either. Whether you won it or received it as a review book it's your book -especially if you reviewed it and held up your part of the bargain.

And as long as it was not an ARC or advanced reading copy it is a book that can be sold. I do not believe people should put limits on that- espeically to book bloggers who don't get paid for the hard work they put in helping to promote books and authors.

Back in the day before book blogging publicists, PR people and publishers had to pay big money for such great promotion now they use us for free (and the copy of a book).

No one likes to work for free nor should they have to- most of us didn't start out thinking we could make money as a book blogger we did it because we love books

But if there is an opportunity to make a few bucks down the road why not?

I promote my site, sell advertising, and promote my own books as a book blogger while promoting other authors and hopefully advancing many careers in the process.

No, I don't sell books (mainly because I am a book hoarder and have a hard time parting with any-but if I chose to do so I do not think I would be unethical in doing so) therefore I defend the right for peopple to do what they want with what has become their own property.

Last time I checked this was a free country and open commerce and capitalism still reign supreme.

Josh said...

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Stacy~ said...

I think it was very thoughtful of you to take down the post after you heard some of readers' reactions. Thing is, stuff like this is heavily frowned upon in the reading community, and people don't forget. I don't think you did it intentionally, and nothing personal since I don't know you, but the general consensus is that to win a book and then turn around and sell it comes across as pretty tacky.

Knowing a bit more about the situation, I am responding to some of the comments. The reason people got upset was because in this case, the author had to buy the book that she was giving away, and it seemed rather rude to then turn around and sell it. Personally knowing the author in question, I know for a fact she didn't have a problem if you decided to give it away or hold a contest for it, to "pass it on", but to make a profit from it just left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

As for why I care, well, I'm a blogger, I have my own blog, I write reviews because I choose to. I don't do it for profit. I don't make ANY money off of anyone. If I win a book and I enjoy it, I turn around & have a contest to support the author, not sell the book to support me. If I don't like it, I give it away. I don't believe reviewers should be making money just because they have an opinion about a book. I do it for the love of reading. There are way too many reviewers out there and it's impractical to think they can or should all profit from having an opinion on someone else's work. No question, it is hard work to review, but you should be doing it for the love of the book(s), not for the money. Besides, like many readers, I don't trust paid reviewers. They have a personal agenda, so how can I trust anything they say?

Reviewing is a choice. It's about evaluating someone else's work. Thinking we're entitled to make money off of someone else is rather selfish. How much do you think authors make, especially from epublishers? A lot of these presses go under, and those authors don't make a dime. This is their livelihood and they put a lot of their own blood, sweat and
tears into creating something and yet most of them don't make a lot of money. Writers are not all like Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich - those are rare exceptions.

I see nothing wrong with capitalism but like anything else, it has its place, and I don't believe making money off of someone else qualifies.

I know this reply sounds harsh and I apologize for that, but I stand by what I've said. I hope you understand where this is coming from and that I truly believe the focus should be our love of reading, and not for what we can get out of it. Let's support the authors :)

Patricia's Particularity said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have an Award waiting for you at my Blog!!!

Wings said...

far out! some people are up themselves.

selling arcs is ethically wrong.

selling finished copies no matter how you have acquired no one elses business.

I will say that i believe you made a wrong choice in trying to sell them back to other book bloggers...but for you to be slammed publically...was a wrong choice on their part.