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Linger Blog Tour

stiefvater_maggiePlease Welcome Maggie Stievfater to BookWhisperer. I have to  pleasure of meeting Maggie for the Scholastic Linger Blog Tour. Maggie Stiefvater is the author for the Mercy Fall Werewolf Series; that included the well loved title Shiver and the upcoming release Linger. See my Q&A with Maggie below:

1) Please tell BookWhisperer followers a little about yourself?

I like to drink sweet tea. My lap top is named Orlando after Orlando Bloom because even though its good looking it’s a light weight. I always wear jeans. I am happily married with two kids under the age of 6.


shiver  2) What would you like to tell readers about The Wolves of Mercy Falls

That I’m  thrilled that they love it and thank you for reading. That I hope they cry while reading it.

Oh, you mean something actually informative? I would like to say that even though it has werewolves in it, the series is not actually about being a werewolf.


3) The Wolves in this series are different than that of the typical
Werewolf book. Do you find Werewolf stereotypes irritating, and where
did this Wolf idea come from?

I actually am totally disinterested in typical werewolves and don’t have a single werewolf novel or movie that I am in love with. I arrived at them as my creature of choice in a very roundabout way -- I wanted to write a novel that was bittersweet, about loss and saying goodbye. And I just happened to be looking for a short story contest to enter at the same time, and found one for werewolf stories. So I combined them, got stuck in that world, and the rest is Maggie history.


4) My understanding is that this is a Trilogy, do you have any idea
about works for the future?

Oh, yes! I actually have already begun work on the book that will be coming out when the Shiver trilogy is done. Scholastic just bought three more standalone books from me that I unfortunately can’t actually talk about, because they are Super Secret. I can say that the one I’m writing is a paranormal YA, not a series, about blood, beaches, and kissing.


5) What would you like to tell readers about Linger? linger

Nothing. I prefer to be secretive and evil.


6) Where should we expect to see you in the coming months?

A bunch of places -- I’ll be in California, Texas, Florida, and I have (Amazingly) an overseas tour as well. My schedule is always updated here. (!/note.php?note_id=391096632035)


7) Are you sad to know that this series is almost spent? Do you find
it hard to complete a series?

Right now I’m still in the hard, revision stage, and it’s far from done in my mind. I know I’ll feel nostalgic about it later, but right now I just have the grimly set jaw of a Girl at Work.


8) Lastly, as a BookWhisperer tradition I like to ask what is your
take on Book Bloggers, and how do you feel about their place in the
literary world?

They’re where I get most of my reading recommendations from. I think that just about says it all.

I want to take a moment to thank Maggie for answering all of my questions. You are the best! Also a side note that if you haven’t read this series get caught up before the release of Forever that is scheduled for release in 2011. This is an awesome series, and it is a breathe of fresh air from the typical werewolf books. Even better it is an amazing emotional book that make for an incredible read. Linger was just released on July the 13th 2010. See my review here.

Guess what? You have read this far you are rewarded! Scholastic has offered for me to offer one book for a giveaway. Now I am going to make this nice and simple. Be a US Resident, and comment below for an entry. If you comment more than once I will delete you from the entries. Everyone has a fair chance, no extra entries. Nothing! Just sign up and I will use Random Number Generator to pick a name on August the 7th 2010 at midnight. Make sure to include your email, if you want to win.

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great interview and I'm going to try meeting her in CA.

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Awesome interview!! I can't WAIT to read it!

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I enjoyed the interview and I look forward to reading the book. It's been on my wish list for a while.

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Thanks for the interview. I can't wait to see where this series is headed.

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Great Interview. I really wish she was coming closer to my state. But I might try to get down to Florida for the tour there. Even though I live in New York. Oh well.

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Maggie Stiefvater is so down to earth!Thanks for this great giveaway!

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