Wednesday, July 14

Cover Alert

I just finished the fifth book of Jeanne Stein’s Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles, see my review here. Although today I am here to reveal the new cover for book six Chosen.



By: Jeanne Stein

Series: Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles

Release Date: August 2010

Book Description:

It's been almost a year since bounty hunter Anna Strong became a vampire, but as she's about to discover, her greatest powers have yet to be unleashed...

Though Anna has become accustomed to the fact that she’s now a vampire, she still enjoys the illusion of being human. So when she suddenly notices that her primitive urges are getting harder to control, she’s worried. Then, she’s attacked, narrowly escaping with her life. The only person with enough motive to want her dead is her old foe—Warren Williams. But another more dangerous enemy lies in wait.

What Anna doesn’t know is that she’s far too valuable to kill. For she’s been chosen to shape the destiny of the vampire race—and all of mankind…


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