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Review: Once Upon a Nightmare by Lee Moylan

Once upon a nightmare
Title: Once Upon a Nightmare
By: Lee Moylan
Reading Level: Adult Horror Fiction
Publisher: Crystal Dreams Publishing
BookWhisperer Rating:
four stars
Book Description:
On the night of October thirteenth, the Hunter's Moon descended upon the quiet town of White Chapel. As Sara Bishop drifted off to sleep under its soft illumination, the full moon seemed to have brought with it something far more sinister than a warm glow.
At once, the nightmare started. But this wasn't any ordinary nightmare… This one seemed real ─ as if she could smell it, feel it, taste it. It was one of those dreams ─ one that awakened her witch-like sense ─ a harbinger of heartbreak and now, horror.
Together with Rebecca Parker, the only other person who understood her gift, someone who had experienced her own strange senses, Sara hoped to come to terms with this ominous nightmare. But her closest friend and next door neighbor was no where to be found ─ not since the night of October thirteenth.
And so it begins. With little help from her skeptical husband or local police, Sara finds herself virtually alone as her grisly dreams crawl from the darkness to become a sick and twisted reality ─ a reality where she has become the ultimate desire of a sadistic serial killer.
As images of death, phantoms and shadows surround Sara, she needs to listen to the whispers in her mind, use her gift to unmask those around her, for one of them is the man from her nightmare. And he sees her when she's sleeping… He knows when she's awake.
When the next full moon descends upon White Chapel, he will reveal himself to her. And under its silvery glow, a new nightmare will be born. Will Sara Bishop have to experience death itself to stop this killer? Or will her nightmare never end?                                                                                      

reviews plate copyOnce Upon a Nightmare is the BookWhisperers first attempt at reading a Horror Novel. While I found myself completely horrified at the experience due to the content of the novel, it was an exceptionally written book. This has being a thrilling experience to look into the mind of a serial killer, and a woman that has no choice but to live every experience with the victims. Be forewarned, as I was from the author, this is quite a graphic novel and not intending for the weak stomach or heart. This is a novel truly intended to terrify and capture the reading in a world of fear. The reading dialog caused for some concern at point due to the transitions from characters within chapters, but I found this to be the only constructive criticism that I could muster out of the entire book. Readers will admire the authors ability to create a work of art with such detail and honesty. Even though, you might find yourself checking every room of the house and never answering the door at night for days following. Any reader that enjoys a truly straight forward and scary book should definitely try this book on for size, and in the words of the author directly SWEET DREAMS!
contest time
Guess what! I have been contacted by the author about offering a contest for two copies of Once Upon a Nightmare. So here we go. This will be open to the US only sorry money is tight these days. This contest will last through 06/30/2010. If you are interested in winning please FILL OUT THIS FORM.

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Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

So freaky. I don't read creepy books normally. But man this looks good

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contest! I'm a big fan of the horror genre.

angie said...

Thanks for the giveaway!