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Review: Insatiable by Meg Cabot


Title: Insatiable

By: Meg Cabot

Reading Level: Adult Urban Fantasy

Publisher: William Morrow Harper Imprint (Release 6/8/10)

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BookWhisperer Rating:

three stars

Book Description:

A modern sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula

There's a killer loose in Manhattan. He's leaving young women drained of all their blood. Some are starting to whisper he may not even be human...

Meena Harper is a dialogue writer for Insatiable, the highest rated soap on television...at least until LustInsatiable's main competitor—launches its new vampire romance storyline.

Now Lust is breaking every daytime rating on record, and all Meena hears from her bosses is: Give the female leads of Insatiable hot vampire love interests.

But Meena's tired of the monster misogyny rampant in the entertainment business, and refuses. Too bad this causes her to lose the promotion she's always wanted.

Work is the least of Meena's worries, however: her brother Jon has lost his high paying investment banking job and joined the ranks of the city's numerous unemployed...just like the husband of Meena's best friend Leisha, who happens to be seven months pregnant and is giving Meena — who has a special psychic gift — anxious twinges. Meena's always kept hidden the fact that she knows how everyone she meets is going to die...so what does that mean about Leisha?

And what's Meena supposed to do about her neighbor, "the Contessa," who wants to set Meena up with her cousin Lucien, visiting from Romania for reasons as mysterious as he is?

But when vampire-mania works itself to a fever pitch in Manhattan, fueled by the dueling plotlines on Lust and Insatiable, as well as the city's mounting deaths, Meena is astounded to discover that the creatures she's always despised as the sexist stuff of fantasy might actually be real...

...and that thanks to her "gift", Meena herself could be in danger of turning into one...unless a vigilante band of vampire slayers, one of whom has shown up at her door and is holding her hostage, can put a stop to it.

But does Meena, drawn as she finds herself to Lucien—who might just be the Prince of Darkness himself—really want them to?


reviews plate copy As a huge fan of the Young Adult Mediator Series by Meg Cabot; I was estactic to discover Cabot’s attempt at a Adult Novel. Insatiable is a  modern sequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Unfortunately, from the start this is was a very trying novel. With the first four chapters each being told from another characters point of view I found it very difficult to follow with the storyline, and accurately keep the characters straight. By chapter twelve things had begun to fall into place; leaving the story a little easier to follow. This is where I believe many will find the storyline with suck you in before you even know it.  At this point, I really began enjoying  the storyline, but various chapters were still told from alternating characters, and I found moments that this was very tiresome. Once the story begins building and rolling along all of the this seems to fade and I was unable to put this book down.

Characters in this novel were very much hit and miss. The main characters that chapters alternate between include Lucien (The delectable Prince of Darkness), Meena (the lovely girl with a special gift), and Alaric (Palatine Assasssin). While Meena is the main character that the story surrounds and the most entertaining; Cabot still has the alternating chapters where you discover the depth to which this story was written. There are many more characters throughout the story that are key players, but the story does not follow them directly. This is where I found the story to be a bit overwhelming.

After a slow start, I was surprised to find the story pick up and grab my attention so drastically. Although, after completing I found myself distraught with the ending. This ending was not at all what I had hoped for. It is like Whitney Houston in The Body Guard. When you are yelling at the television for her turn around and run back to Kevin Cosner. I can not believe this story was not the picture perfect happy ending. After a life of struggling for Meena, yes, she might find herself a job where she can help others and never had to join the undead. Though, this was all at the cost of her lover and soul mate. I can’t say this was a bad ending just not anticipated, and it will be a ending that holds your thoughts long after the last page.

As always, for my note on the cover I love this one; mystery and all. This is a very beautiful cover alone, but to break it apart it is like a hide and seek picture. The tattoo on the Model’s upper arm has to be my favorite, but the stake was also not lost on me. I also had to appreciate the dress; I would have to guess this would be the dress that had been borrowed from Mary Lou for the night out with Lucien that was unable to happen.

In wrapping up I can’t wait for a sequel that is tentatively scheduled for Summer of 2011. Although, this story was left at a point that it could be a solo book, and that leaves me with a heart wrenching ending that will never end, so here is to hoping that I am blessed with a sequel that will change and heart wrenching ending. Meg Cabot is such a wonderful author, and I always look forward to another book. Seeing as though paranormal books are by far my favorite this is not a luxury that I find very often with this author, but she always creates stories that are not easily forgotten.

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Tales of Whimsy said...

Great review. I can't wait to try this one.

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I love Meg Cabot. This one looks really good. Thanks for the honest review :)