Tuesday, May 4

Review: Feather Book One by Abra Ebner

Title: Feather
By: Abra Ebner
Publisher: Crimson Oak Publishing (Release Jan 31st, 2009)
Reading Level: Young Adult Books
BookWhisperer Rating:

Book Description:
Estella's magical life as an orphan was never easy, and at eighteen, she is finally free. In her desperate attempt to leave the city behind and unravel her strange talents, she flees to a secluded college nestled deep in the forests of the North Cascades. It is here that she hopes to escape her painful life, and forgotten past. As classes begin, Elle struggles to find her place, until she meets Professor Edgar. Young, handsome, yet terrifying, Elle is suddenly intrigued. Despite her fear of him, she finds the strange attraction mesmerizing, dangerous, and somehow familiar. As their acquaintance grows, she is suddenly drawn further into a life she never knew she lived, in a place that finally feels like home. As her happiness returns, so do the demons of her forgotten past. It is here that she finds herself faced with the sacrifice of her life, and the beginning of a journey deeply rooted in our existence.

Feather was sent to me as a review copy, but I quickly found myself amist a personal struggle. From the book description alone; I was intrigued about this book and anxious to give it chance. Once I had begun the story it was a constant struggle to stay focused. I felt myself helplessly wandering through the story; thus leaving me with a feeling as though the story was ot progressing. Forcing myself to continue I concluded that this was a interesting story with twist and turns, but not enough that I could categorize this as an amazing novel. I do not feel that I am a very confident reviewer of this book, so please if you question me take a look for yourself. Don't take me word for it. I am sure that you can guess this will be a future Second Chance Giveaway, so keep the look out.


Amber Skye said...

I'd never heard of this book before. It sounds interesting, but I'm not sure. Good review!

Stormi said...

Well I know a lot of books that sounded good but didn't quite hold up to the blurb on the back. Good review though.