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Review: Branded by Keary Taylor

Title: Branded: Fall of Angels
By: Keary Taylor
Reading Level: Paranormal Romance
Publishers: Createspace (March 4th, 2010)
BookWhisperer Rating:
four stars
Book Description:
Night after night, Jessica stands trial before a council of vindictive angels for deeds she didn't commit. Condemnation brings a branding as they dementedly laugh and point but exaltation starts a war over her soul. These are Jessica's nightmares. Alex is everything Jessica could ever want and she'll do anything to be with him. Even tell him the truth about angels, why she never sleeps, and the scar on the back of her neck. This is what she will fight for. But the nightmares rule Jessica's life and she must find a way to stop the events that are pulling her toward her own judgment or become the object of her greatest fear. And lose Alex forever.
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First and foremost, this is one impressive book. I was enthralled by the book description alone. The storyline of this book is unlike anything else that I have read; Taylor creates an unique and terrifying image of Angels that will intrigue all readers. The emotional rollercoaster that plays throughout this novel is one of a kind and will continuously peek your interest. Author Talent is evident in the ability to portray such intense emotion without making the story seem cheesy or unrealistic. I am impressed by this authors ability, and can not wait to see what she has in store for the future. I enjoyed the ending leaving the plot base open, so that it is possible for a sequel or maybe even a series. With characters so intense; readers will immediately appreciate to open ending in hopes for more. This is definitely a must read for young adult paranormal lovers. Lastly, I like to wrap up with a note about the cover. Very attractive! Not really a mystery because you want to find out what the scars mean from the start, but this is definitely a eye catcher.
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Nina said...

I agree with that cover, it's very cool! I havent heard of this book before, and it sounds pretty good. Let's hope for a sequal. :)