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Review: Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten

wherever nina lies

Title: Wherever Nina Lies

By: Lynn Weingarten

Reading Level: Young Adult Mystery

Publisher: Point Books (Feb 2009)

BookWhisperer Rating:

four stars

Book Description:

Ellie’s attempts to live a normal life since the disappearance of her beloved older sister, Nina, have been futile. Every time the 16-year-old manages to get it together, a new but ultimately worthless clue emerges, returning her to despair. Even her best friend, Amanda, is losing patience. So it is a relief that Sean enters Ellie’s life just as she discovers a drawing done by Nina with a phone number embedded in the design. Sean proposes a road trip to find Nina, and Ellie jumps at the chance in spite of having met him only days before.

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This is a wonderfully captivating story of love and loss turned mystery. With an enjoyable lesson of following your gut; instinct it will protect you when all else fails. Ellie’s character is easy to sympathize. A young girl that has lost her sister, and has no way of knowing if she is alive or dead. Sean is a very believable character, and realistically portraits the dangerous scavengers of today’s society. This story holds a valuable lesson to the younger generation that not everyone can be trusted. I found myself uneasy about Sean’s character from the start, but as quickly as I dismissed my first judgment he turned out to be the villain that I spotted first off.

From the start I was captivated by the writing and storyline. Following Ellie on her quest to find her sister was one highly exciting ride. Being the first novel that I have read by Weingarten I have to say I am a new fan and will be looking into more publications by this author. The only downfall I found to this novel was the ending; it was lacking the punch that I so desired for this excellent book. I would not boldly say that it was bad, but it did become vaguely wordy and seemed to be verbally repeating a story line that was already known from reading the book. The last two chapters kind of seemed to drag through like it wasn’t as powerful as the rest of the story.

We all know how much of a covergirl I am. I love a beautiful cover, and I have solved the mystery for this one as well. The girl and scraps of paper for the letters was a very creative idea. Although, I don’t know that this mystery was beneficial to this book. I have had this book in my tbr pile for some time, and I kept passing it by. I feel ultimately that we have a wonderful story with a mediocre cover. So don’t make my mistake this book is well worth the read.

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Monster of Books said...

The Cover is cool!!! Great review of this book XD

Nina said...

Great review, the book sounds fantstic. I cant wait to read it, I already have it on my tbr list. Always good to read a great mystery.