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Kiddy Korner Reviews: God’s Dream

god's dream

Title: God’s Dream

By: ArchBishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams

Reading Level: Prek thru 2nd graders

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Rating: five stars

Book Description:

Dear Child of God," the narrator begins, "what do you dream about?" While children may dream about "flying high" or "being treated like a full person," God dreams about a world in which all of his children join hands in peace, reconciliation and unity. In simple, eloquent language, Tutu conveys the message that although we come from different lands, have different eyes and skin, and talk to God in different ways, we are still brothers and sisters. By "sharing, loving, caring" and "knowing we are family" we can "make God's dream come true."

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This book would solely earn it’s five star rating from the lesson alone. “Dear Child” will teach your children about caring for on another. It even broaches the subject of Gods will is not for everyone to always get along, but you have to respect and care of the other even though you may not like them or find yourself angry with them. The illustration is very diversified in this book which earns an even larger respect. It doesn’t matter your color or heritage God wants everyone to at least try to be caring and help one another.

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