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Saturday, February 6

Samira Armin Hodges Interview


This is an interview with Samira Armin Hodges the talented new author of Milestones. Milestones is an awesome new young adult novel about a young girl that is struck by lightning, and finds herself shipped off to Camp Milestone that appears more like boot camp than a summer camp.  This is a wonderful read for the young readers filled with sweet romance and mystery.  This talented new author is a pediatrician by day and young adult author by night. It appears that her connection to the younger generation brought forth an awesome new YA author.

1- Where was the idea for Milestones created?
In my head. The concept for Milestones was one that basically just 
popped into my head one day and I thought, "Hey, this idea could make 
for a really good book!". I was inspired by small things concepts and 
there (for instance, I attended a sleep-over summer camp when I was 15 
years old) but most of Milestones came straight out of my over-active 
imagination. This is proven by the fact that Milestones is not really 
a camp story. It's another type of story masquerading as a camp 

2- Have you always been interested in being a writer and did choosing 
young adult books stem from your daily profession?
I have definitely always been interested in being a writer because I 
have always loved writing and it has been a secret fantasy of mine to 
be a writer - one I never thought would come true!  But writing isn't 
my only love - I am also a Pediatrician and from that stems my desire 
to write for a younger crowd. I am inspired by what I see every day as 
well as the people I interact with. So yes, being a Pediatrician made 
being a young adult author a reality.

samira hodges 3- I see that Milestones is to be a trilogy. When can we expect 
another book?
Yes that's right! Milestones 2 (the official name has yet to be 
announced) is due out in the winter of 2010.

4- Do you have any other books currently published that my readers 
should look into?
Not yet. The Milestones trilogy is my first literary project but for 
those interested in my writing, I do have a blog that I update 
regularly and I welcome all readers. I talk about life as a 
Pediatrician/Author and I love to answer reader questions and have 
interesting discussions!

5- What do you think of book blogger in the literary world?
I think it's awesome. We didn't have this concept when I was growing 
up and I kind of wish we did! I think it's a great way for readers to 
stay connected and for them to spread the word. Reading is a wonderful 
hobby and I wish all teenagers were as into it as book bloggers are. I 
think book bloggers are also gradually changing the entire world of 
literature (at least in the young adult realm!). Word is spreading a 
lot faster than it used to and book bloggers raise issues and 
discussions that were nearly impossible to have back in the olden 

Thank you to Ms. Hodges for taking the time for my interview, and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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