Tuesday, February 9

Review: Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

trulymadlyTitle: Truly, Madly

By: Heather Webber

Publisher: St Martins Press (Released Feb 2010)

BookWhisperer Rating:

two stars

Book Description:

Lucy Valentine is as smart as can be, as single as you can get, and so not qualified to run a matchmaking service. But when her parents temporarily step down from the family business, Valentine, Inc., it’s Lucy’s turn to step up and help out—in the name of love.

Plus, her rent is due.
Here’s the problem: Lucy doesn’t have the knack for matchmaking. According to family legend, every Valentine has been blessed by Cupid with the ability to read “auras” and pair up perfect couples. But not Lucy. Her skills were zapped away years ago in an electrical surge, and now all she can do is find lost objects. What good is that in the matchmaking world? You’d be surprised. In a city like Boston, everyone’s looking for something. So when Lucy locates a missing engagement ring—on a dead body—she asks the sexy private eye who works upstairs to help her solve the perfect crime. And who knows? Maybe she’ll find the perfect love while she’s at it…

reviews plate copy  Many readers can know within the first couple chapters if they are going to enjoy a book, and while I don’t really like to be one of these readers. Truly Madly fell into that quickly disliked category. I would love to say that I was able to finish reading this book, and there were aspects about the book that I enjoyed but I was unable to find any relatable material within this book. The characters were more of the chic lit reading characters, and I always find it hard to be captured by the Chic Lit stories. I hate giving bad reviews, and apologize that I am having to do it again.

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Ellz said...

Aww, I am sorry you didn't like this book, I thought it was adorable. I am looking forward to more in the series. Props for giving an honest review, I hope you enjoy the next thing on your list.

ParaJunkee said...

If your like me I really really have to be in the right mind set to read chick lit. Or no mind set at all...lol. Don't think about just read. Usually I don't enjoy them.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Sorry you didn't dig it. I would love to try it!

Unknown said...

I loved it, but you're right, it's very chick-lit like. Hope your next book works out better for you.