Monday, February 22

Kiddy Korner Review: I'm Number One by Michael Rosen

Title: I'm Number One
By: Michael Rosen
Illustration by: Bob Graham
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Book Description:
Little wind-up soldier A-One is in charge. At least that’s what he tells the other toys: Sally, Maddy, and Sid. When he tells them to turn his key, they do it. When he tells them they’re no good, they feel bad. He calls them all kinds of things: no good, hopeless, the worst. Or was that hope-use, good-no, and less-less? Somehow, stringing all those mean words together makes them start to sound, well, silly — and even though A-One doesn’t mean to, he finds himself smiling too. From the incomparable Michael Rosen and Bob Graham comes an insightful, child-friendly tale about learning how to be one of the gang.

I'm Number One was a bit of a complicated read. The jumble of the words make it very complicated for a child to read and comprehend. A useful moral for children was hidden in this story, but I fear that children will lack understanding due to the confusion in reading. As a while, this is a good lesson book if it attainable.

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