Thursday, December 10

Review: The River by Mary Jane Beaufrand

Title: The River
Author: Mary Jane Beaufrand
Reading Level: Young Adult
Release Date: 02/10/2010
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Book Description:
Veronica Severance feels cut off from the world. Forced to move from the city to rural Oregon with her parents, she is haunted by loneliness and by the chilling sounds of the Santiam, the river that runs through her backyard.

Through the fog of isolation, Ronnie finds herself becoming close with Karen, a young girl who she babysits. But when she discovers Karen's body on the banks of the Santiam, the victim of a supposed accident, Ronnie feels compelled to uncover the truth.

As she becomes increasingly obsessed with solving Karen's death, Ronnie is led deeper and deeper into the woods surrounding the river and to the dark secret hidden within its midst.

The River is an intricate web of love, lies, loss, obession, and crime that promises to be unforgettable. Veronica is a young woman trying to find her place in a new world. Having being uprooted from her home in rural Oregon; she now finds herself in a sleepy town full of mystery. She begins to find her place with the help of a young girl named Karen, although, when running one evening she comes across a body in the river which turns out to be that of her young friend. Unable to revive Karen's little body she is distraught with failure, and soon becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her young friend. Only this mission of redemption may prove to be more than she had hoped for when it appears there may have been more to the death of this young girl. The river in this story plays a large role, almost taking on a life of it own. Expect abrupt changes of direction in this story; nothing can be taken a face value. The twist are extreme and somewhat disorienting the story lacks smooth transition for these changes, but if you follow them through you will find yourself in masterful story that will leave you questioning your own personal safety.

**Special Thanks to Little Brown Books for Young Readers for the ARC


Nina said...

Very mysterious. I like the sound of this book. Great review!

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

I WANT 2 READ THIS ONE!! it looks really good! Thanks 4 the review!

IceJewel said...

Wow..It sounds like a great book filled with mysteries..!!
Thanks for the review.. :)