Tuesday, December 8

Review: Blind Love by Aaron Elkin

blind love

 Title: Blind Love

Author: Aaron Elkin

Reading Level: Young  Adult

BookWhisperer Rating:three stars

Book Description:

When Dave Lyons comes upon a near-fatal accident involving a girl that he believes is "out of his league," he has the opportunity to be her hero and to gain admission to the "popular crowd." Dave's newfound acceptance challenges his simple, humble and moral outlook on life and what the future holds. BLIND LOVE will keep teens' attention because it is told through the eyes of a young man who struggles to remain true to himself and his values. BLIND LOVE is a refreshingly honest depiction of the choices and issues High School students face today. Because the author is a retired teacher who listened to and cared about his students, BLIND LOVE brims with true-to-life anecdotes. BLIND LOVE has street credibility. (Description from Good Reads)

reviews plate copy Blind Love  at a little over 100 pages is a very quick and enjoyable read. Written by a retired school teacher this is a realistic tale written from experience with today’s young. Blind Love is a tale of one young man journey through first love, and the consequences that result from questionable actions. Being a self published novel it is to be expected to find some rough edges in this book. Impressively I only found a couples areas in this story that I had trouble following both were in reference to the thought processes of the characters, but was easily overlooked and did not hinder the overall storyline.

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