Tuesday, December 29

New Member of Blood Coven

I am a proud new member of the Blood Coven. Led by the former knight of the round table Lord Magnus. This is a place where you can get sneak peaks at the newest Mari Mancusi book Bad Blood, and meet other like yourself.

Do you want...

•Eternal life?
•Riches beyond your wildest dreams?
•A hot Blood Mate to spend eternity with?

We're currently accepting applications for new Blood Coven vampires. Sign up and get on the waiting list for your very own Blood Mate.

You'll also get to go behind the scenes, learn coven secrets, meet the vampires, watch exclusive videos, and get a sneak peek at what's coming up next for The Blood Coven Vampires. (From the Blood Coven Website)

To Join Check it out here.

I was also presented with some awesome book marks for the Blood Coven Series. I have five bookmarks to give away. If you are interested in one of this awesome bookmarks, comment here and I will select five winners on Bad Blood's Release date.


Kris said...

ooooo....me I love swag!



Stormi said...

I am a new member too! I just got my swag and stuff the other day. I have just finished the first book..I need to get cracking so I read the newest one cause it looks cool.

Ivana said...

This looks good, I saw it on some other blogs and wanted to join....but I'd feel stupid being a member if I hadn't read the book.

But I'd like a new bookmark :)