Tuesday, December 15

The New Kiddy Korner

This is the BookWhisperer... I am fortunate enough that my seven year old daughter and I share a deep love of reading. In an effort to not grow in my book blog world without her I have decided that her and I are going to start a new collection of blog posts that review books for all the wee ones. Babies through Elementary ages are to the books that will be hightlight in this new Kiddy Korner. You may have seen last weekend we posted our first book review for Kiddy Korner called Giving of the Heart. I have made a menu button that will also take you directly to a directory of the books that we have reviewed for our Kiddy Korner; just like the Review button is a directory for BookWhisperer Reviews. I will update this regularly, and we will be adding to it soon. I hope that you will find some wonderful reads for your children from our reviews.


IceJewel said...

Awesome idea ! Happy to hear that your daughter too is interested in reading books :)

Ivana said...

That's sweet! My son is only two, but he already likes his picture books better than tractors and such stuff *proud mommy*