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Kiddy Korner: Review Too Purpley by Jean Reidy

too purpley

Title: Too Purpley

By: Jean Reidy Illustrated by Genevieve Leloup

Review Book from Bloomsbury Books

Reading Level: Children Ages 4-8

BookWhisperer Rating:

four stars

Book Description:

Too purpley, too tickly, too puckery, too prickly!

There is not a single outfit in the closet that our little fashion plate wants to wear. She tries on everything, but nothing is quite right. And the outfits are getting wilder by the minute!

(Description from Amazon)

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Clothing is a constant fight in our home, so this book was very relatable. Too Purpley is very simplistic, and a easy read for the old ages. Hayley enjoyed being able to read this book herself. Due to the simplistic nature their is not much of a moral to the story, but is a wonderful practice for reading. Definitely, a girlie books and would not carry much use for little boys. The illustration was very modern and cute making viewing very entertaining. 

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