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Kiddy Korner Review: The Mud Fairy by Amy Young

the mud fairy


Title: The Mud Fairy

By: Amy Young

Reading Level: 4-8 years

Review Book from Bloomsbury Books 03/02/2010 Release


BookWhisperer Rating: five stars

Book Description from Amazon:

Wearing pink and tiptoing through the dewdrops is for wimps! Emmelina would rather play with her friends, the frogs. But can a fairy with an independent streak earn her wings if she goes against the fairy code? Warm, humorous, and with just the right amount of pink (and mud), here's a book that will capture the hearts of girly-girls and tomboys alike.

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The Mud Fairy is a very cute story of a fairy that is looking for your ability to earn her wings. Although, Emmalina is not like most fairies. While Emmalina must learn just because she not like other fairies does not mean that she is not special, and that is talented just not in the way that everyone else may be. Children also undergo a lesson about the change of tadpoles to frogs in this book. Amy Young introduced the children these lessons with humor. The illustration for The Mud Fairy is very simple and calm accompanying a slow paced story that will teach children while having fun.

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