Friday, October 30

Review: I Never Fancied Him Anyway by Claudia Carroll

Title: I Never Fancied Him Anyway
By: Claudia Carroll
Reading Level: Adult
Bookwhisperer Rating:

Book Description:
Cassandra can see the future with 100% accuracy . . . for everybody except herself.

Ever since Cassandra was a little girl, she's had a remarkable psychic gift. Now a successful columnist for a weekly magazine, she predicts the future with uncanny precision. And thanks to her stunning co-worker Charlene—and the latest love of Charlene's life, hot television producer Jack—Cassandra's moving up . . . to daytime TV!

The trouble is, whenever Jack's around, the hapless seer's second sight goes dim—something that always seems to happen when a desirable single male is around. But despite a truly abysmal dating record, she believes Jack is the one for her . . . though Charlene might strongly disagree. Is true love or outrageous catastrophe right around the corner? Cassandra doesn't have a clue. But it seems even being able to foretell the future can't protect her from what destiny has in store . . . and sometimes fate won't allow you to look before you love.

I Never Fancied Him Anyway is a very cute and uplifiting love story. Cassie is a very lovable character that always has the best at heart. As a very outgoing person is consistently trying to help everyone around her, but at a loss when it comes to herself. Chick Lit has never been my style, but I found this be an enjoyable read. The characters are likeable and quirky. A opportunity for you at the cost of someone elses happiness is a hard decision to make. Even if you are risking your own happiness. Reports have been made that Wendy Finerman, the producer of "The Devil Wears Prada" and "P.S. I Love You" , will be creating a film based on this book. I will definetly be in line to watch this movie; with this book and the producer of these two wonderful movies I believe this promises to be memorable.

**A Special Thanks to Avon Books for this Review Copy

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