Friday, October 9

Amazing Contest over at Princess Bookie

You have got to check out  this contest. Four Winners and the first winner walks away with:

This contest is for 6 ARCS for you! You get to pick 2 and I get to pick 2 so its fun for us both PLUS I am throwing 2 mystery arcs in. The 2 are not in this picture, its a surprise!

Arcs in Picture: Its Not You Its Me-Reincarnation-Slept Away-Demon Chick-My Fairy Godmother-Strange Angels-Sweet Life Of Stella Madison-Once Was Lost (This is from the Princess Bookie Webpage)

The other winners also winner multiple books, I have not seen this large of a contest EVER. Also per the blog post IT END WHEN IT END..... NO DEADLINE!!!!!!!
Rush over there don't snooze and lose.................
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