Sunday, September 13

In My Mailbox #1

Thanks to the Story Siren for bring us In My Mailbox is hosted by Story Siren. I am estatic to  report that I have recieved my first review copies from my blog. This is so awesome, now my husband thinks that I am just a little more crazy. Check out what I got.....

Another Faust by Daniel Nayeri
ISBN: 978-0763637071
Released August 2009
For Review from Candlewick

Play Me by Laura Ruby
ISBN: 978-0061243295
Paperback Release 2009
For Review from Harperteen

I know myself I like to get ideas from others In my Mailbox for my to read pile. Although, in the effort to have the best blog that I can have. Tell me as a reader do you prefer to have the description of the book on with the new titles, or do you prefer to look the book up yourself? I think that I would prefer to read about it all here, and if that is the majorities preference than I will be adding the description on the next Mailbox entry.
Thanks for all your help, it takes readers to make all these blogs work.

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Natalie said...

Personally, I like to read the summaries all in one place, but I find when I do that on my blog, the post sometimes looks too busy when I have those weeks where I get a lot of books.

I'm really interested in Another Faust. You'll have to let me know how you like it!

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