Friday, July 17

Pick of the Month

The Girl She Used To Be is my July Favorite. David Cristofano's first novel, and an exceptional display of writing ability sold me within the first few pages. Melody Grace McCartney does not have a normal life, since the age of six she has been part of WITSEC (witness protection program) after her whole family witnessed a brutal murder by the local mafia boss. Now 20 years later Melody is still having to be protected, and no longer has her family allowing her to maintain a semi normal life. Melody finds herself bored with the current life she is living, and makes a few calls that she knows will cause change. Only the change that Melody finds is not what she anticipated; Jonathan is tall, dark, and handsome with charms and riches that demands everyones respect. When Melody begins questioning everything she knows; she must decide if this stranger can be trusted even though he is the enemies son.
This book was an exceptional read, with just the right amount of romance and suspense to keep the reader guessing. I can not believe that this is David Cristofano's first novel. I have also just heard that "The Girl She Used To Be" is going to be made into a movie. It has been picked up by Mark Johnson's Gran Via (THE NOTEBOOK AND MY SISTER'S KEEPER) and Julie Lynn (THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB). I will be anxiously awaiting more information about this movie, and will pass it along as I hear more.

Wednesday, July 15

Anxiously Awaiting August Release!

Fate brought them together he was her protector, teacher, and forbidden lover. In Shadow Kiss Rose and Dimitri fought the ultimate battle, when the Strigoi begin invade the academy ground. With the fight no longer on safe ground, it will take all of the guardians and trainees to protect the Moroi. Although, not without casualties. Rose never would have thought the causalities would include that of her beloved Dimitri. Not only has she lost her love, but she is now faced with keeping her promise. Dimitri was not just killed ; unable to find his body can only mean that he is now turned Strigoi. Rose is left with the promise that if ever turned; it is her responsibility to kill the other. She must leave all she knows behind to find and kill her lover.

This is the fourth book in the Vampire Academy Series. While I was unsure about the first book, after a slightly slow beginning it picked up pace and captured my interest. Rose and Lisa's journey is one awesome read, and every book is better than the last. I found Shadow Kiss to be utterly disturbing, after three books of turmoil in a forbidden relationship they had finally discovered they could not live seperated. Only to have tragedy pull them apart again. I can not wait for the August release.

If you have not read anything by Richelle Mead, she is an amazing author. This is one of three series that I follow, and I would recommend all of them. If you have not read this series you must take a look. It will not disappoint.