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Review: Tangled by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Tangled
By: Rebecca Zanetti
Series: Dark Protectors #7.8
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
The BookWhisperer's Rating: 

Now that her mask has finally slipped… 

Ginny O’Toole has spent a lifetime repaying her family’s debt, and she’s finally at the end of her servitude with one last job. Of course, it couldn’t be easy. After stealing the computer files that will free her once and for all, she finds herself on the run from a pissed off vampire who has never fallen for her helpless act. A deadly predator too sexy for his own good. If he doesn’t knock it off, he’s going to see just how powerful she can really be. 

He won’t be satisfied until she’s completely bare. 

Theo Reese had been more than irritated at the beautiful yet helpless witch he’d known a century ago, thinking she was just useless fluff who enjoyed messing with men’s heads. The second he discovers she’s a ruthless thief determined to bring down his family, his blood burns and his interest peaks, sending his true nature into hunting mode. When he finds her, and he will, she’ll understand the real meaning of helpless.

Ginny had me intrigued in the last book, a witch who is a thief and who has information on Uncle Benny that the Reese boys are trying to get back.  Zanetti pairing Ginny up with Theo, a vampire who has never fallen for any of her tricks, made Ginny turn real in my eyes.  Before she played whom she needed to be to get what she wanted but Theo doesn't buy into her "damsel in distress" acts.  Except Ginny really is a damsel in distress in this book.  Being controlled by planekite, a mineral that is slowly killing her, Ginny has one last job of thieving to do and this is what sends Theo her way.  

Once Theo realizes the kind of trouble Ginny is in, he doesn't hold back with his need to protect her from all harm. At first, it is to keep her alive so that he can retrieve what she stole from his family back. However, as the story evolves, it becomes so much more than that.  What I love about Zanetti's alpha males is that they go into full protection mode at the drop of the hat and do not let up until their woman is completely safe from harm.  

Theo and Ginny are fantastic together!  Tangled was a great novella to bring us Theo's HEA and keep us intrigued until the next book in the series.  And it is going to be a good one because things are being set up to go down.

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