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Review: Sweet Bliss by Helena Rac

Title: Sweet Bliss
By: Helena Rac
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
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Tessa loves cupcakes. They’re tasty and comforting, and they’ve made her bakery a success. Men, on the other hand, are unreliable jerks who are bound to break her heart. Even if they’re hot enough to melt her frosting.

Tessa is smitten with Luke after a less than graceful encounter on the streets of Chicago, and fate keeps reuniting them. She’s certain he’d be delicious in bed, but there’s just one problem: Tessa’s sworn off long-distance romances, and Luke lives in London. Besides, he’s proven himself to be bad news. Although Tessa’s sexy stranger swears to set aside his player ways after she carries-out sweet revenge, she’s far too smart to believe in happily-ever-afters. Luke will need to use every weapon in his arsenal – including a spatula or two – to convince Tessa they’re meant to be together.

Sweet Bliss is exactly what this book is; a sweet, blissful read.  Helena has given us two cute characters that have a knack for running into each other and destroying cupcakes along the way.  (Side note: you will always want cupcakes while reading this book.) 

Luke has never been in a serious relationship and Tessa’s last relationship ended badly.  Both are a little apprehensive when it comes to putting both feet forward into their new relationship but Tessa more so than not. This leads Luke to being the one who fights for their love harder than what Tessa expected.  He goes all in and Tessa seems to be putting her toe in the water to test the temperature so to speak. 

His persistence was adorable.  Even though Tessa would back away because she would become scared, Luke would always barge in (anywhere she was) and ease her mind.  They were just so sweet together, learning how to love each other and get over their concerns and cares and they did it with cupcakes!

A very sweet and sugary read.

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