Monday, December 7

Review: Sins of the Innocent by Jamie McGuire

Title: Sins of the Innocent
By: Jamie McGuire
Series: Providence Novella
My Copy: Ebook from Amazon
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In the horror show of Gods and Monsters, Eden Ryel was the star. Conceived of her mother, a Merovingian--a direct descendant of Christ--and her father, the half-human son of a fallen angel, her very existence had prompted The Great War. Prophesied to be the Keeper of the Balance, Eden struggles to realize her purpose. 

Levi, the overconfident and charming half-human son of Lucifer takes nothing seriously. Not even when he finally meets the young woman who is destined to end his existence. A common bond is formed under the pressures they face from both sides, but their respective religious texts predict opposite outcomes. Either way, they must choose: war, death, or love.

Oh Jamie McGuire how you never disappoint. This is another supernatural novel from McGuire, and it carries a touch of creepy. Sins of the Innocent exploits the age old ultimate battle of good versus evil. Lucifer and God are still at battle, and Eve find herself right in the middle. The demon shelling was a bit disturbing, but add this element of horror that was new to a McGuire read. It was a bit similar to the Mortal Instrument possession that I find myself intrigued by. Levi and Eve have quite a story that it is apparent we were only allowed a glimpse of. I am anxious to learn more about their past, and see what the develops of this conclusion will unveil. I don't know that I can say this story really allowed detailed characters, because it seems much of the details are still a mystery. I felt as though this story overall was a sink or swim experience to drag readers into a story that will captivate them with intrigue and curiosity. I look for the future of this series to answer all of the questions that Sins of the Innocent have enticed. Great Job Jamie!!!! Not that we expect anything less, but you know cease to impress. 

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