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Review: Fatal Beauty by Nazarea Andrews

Title: Fatal Beauty
By: Nazarea Andrews
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
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Charlotte was a good girl.

Sweet and innocent, a debutante with her Daddy’s credit card and a fiancée who doted on her.

She was destined for a perfect picture life in Charleston.

Until everything goes wrong.

EJ grew up with everything she could ever want, and bored as hell.

Nothing surprises her and nothing ever changes, and she wants out—whatever it takes.

Getting involved with Anthony Jacobs is probably the worst idea she’s ever had—and that makes it irresistible.

Until Charlie needs her.

New Orleans. Memphis. Vegas.

Beautiful girls who know just how to get exactly what they want.

It’s all fun and games, sexy nights and wild parties.

But you can only manipulate your way out of so much, and the body count is rising. When their past catches up, not even a pretty smile will get them out of trouble this time.

What a mind F.  No, for real - an absolute mind F.  In some ways, I can’t even process what I just read.  Andrews has such a wonderful style of writing – from zombie series, dystopian worlds, to murdering socialites, she can cover it all and make it so uniquely her and brilliant that I am always amazed at her skill by the time I finish the book.  Most writers have the skill to write one genre or so, Andrews can do it all and this is why she is one of my favorite authors.  I have no idea what I am getting into half the time when I pick up one of her books but I know that I will absolutely love the writing, the characters, the plot, and basically all the words that she types.  Nazarea Andrews, I would officially like to be your best friend.

I had no idea what “Fatal Beauty” was about but since it was Andrews book, I signed up for an ARC.  While “The World Without End” and “After the Fall” both had a dark side to the stories, I will have to say that this book is Andrews darkest so far.  She introduces you to two beautiful socialites and weaves their tale of woe.  I found myself siding with these girls, wanting them to finally be free of everything, and just waiting for that moment in the book where they finally get their happiness.  It seemed like their entire lives were just so messed up that they at least deserved to extract themselves from what was around them and be free for once.

But – wow – freedom came at a price that both girls were willing to pay and that is where this story turned darker than I expected.  Now, I am not saying that I didn’t like it – because I did.  I was pleasantly surprised on how much it teetered the line.  There were many things that I was not expecting to happen that did, and it left me shocked.  It is the kind of book that makes me think Andrews spent many sleepless nights plotting out all the twists and turns to it so that it smoothly flowed when all was revealed. 

So while this is a different kind of book than I am used to Andrews writing (and totally wasn’t prepared to experience,) it still is amazingly wonderful in and of itself. 

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