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Blog Tour Review: Fury by Fisher Amelie

By: Fisher Amelie
Series: The Seven Deadly #3
Revenge is an euphoric thing. Trust me on this. Nothing compares to the release you get when you ruin someone’s life. When they’ve stolen important things. Things that didn’t belong to them. Things I revel in making them pay for.
What? Have I offended you? I’m not here to appeal to your delicate senses. I have no intention of placating your wishes or living within your personal belief system nor do I care if you hate me. And you will hate me. Because I’m a brutal, savage, cold-blooded murderer and I’m here for my revenge.
I’m Ethan Moonsong...And this is the story about how I went from the world’s most sacrificing man to the most feared and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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Meet Fisher Amelie
Fisher Amelie resides in the South with her kick ace husband slash soul mate. She earned her first ‘mama’ patch in 2009. She also lives with her Weim, Jonah, and her Beta, Whale. All these living creatures keep the belly of her life full, sometimes to the point of gluttony, but she doesn’t mind all that much because life isn’t worth living if it isn’t entertaining, right?

Fisher is the author of The Seven Deadly Series, The Sleepless Series, and The Leaving Series, and was a semi-finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award.

There are no words to express the depth of our love for this Seven Deadly series. Ashamedly, I must admit that Miranda made it to Vain first, but it quickly became a household name.  We jump at every opportunity to share these titles, and everyone has proved to love them just the same. While I must point out book two does take us through a slightly different kind of story line; it was just a wonderful in its own gripping way. That being said Fury returns to its roots, and if you loved Vain with every bit of your being, as we did, you will find this to be a much more impressive read.  Thrown back into the trenches of the dark side of life, and it was such a staggering experience seeing these children abused and tortured for someone gruesome pleasure. This is not an easy read, and as you take a front row seat through the brutality and disgustingly heinous crimes you will graciously accept the bright light of romance as it grows between Ethan and Finley. They both enter this relationship damaged from their own heavy pasts, and this will provide many obstacles. The earlier installments to this series took a moral life lesson of overcoming the dark side, and it can be summarized as opening these rich kids eyes to the vicious cycle they are unknowingly a part of. While Fury has the same life lesson it is much more about acceptance and recovering from the damage caused their own tragic stories. Ethan is a much darker character than I expected, but he was like an avenging angel in this horrible world. I was shocked with my acceptance of his own abhorrent actions. Further proof of the talent and splendor of this author. Fisher Amelie creates a story, and while I know this word is used lightly that is not the way in which I intend it. What she carefully and masterfully crafts is a web of possibilities, and adventure that will pull you through page after page. It is a horrifying yet inspiring experience, and one that will touch all aspects of your life. It will stay with you long after the last page, and it will create a new standard to which you will rate your books. Every blessed experience is enthralling, and confirms just why I review. Books like Fury demonstrate the raw power of words, and potent influence that when strung together by such a talented person can achieve. This is a BookWhisperer Favorite, and one that should not be overlooked.

It is very rare when Jackie and I do joint reviews.  We have so many books to read and we try to get through all of them but there are books that we both long to read and we cannot deny ourselves any longer and decide that we both get the pleasure of being captured by a story - Fury is one of these books.

I honestly don’t think that I can form a proper sentence and say it out loud let alone type out my intense feelings for this book.  Every emotion is coursing through me right now and clouding up my thoughts and ability to do the simplest things. For instance, like write this review. But I am gonna try…here it goes.

The Seven Deadly series is quite possibly one of the best series that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  It is not all about the love story between a boy and a girl (which there is one) and it is not all about the trials and tribulations that life sets upon someone (which this book is loaded with.)  To me, it was about that moment – that moment in life where you make a decision, right or wrong, and watch how life tumbles down upon you and whether or not you are strong enough as a person to dig yourself out of the blessed mess or if you are smart enough to know that someone that loves you is strong enough to fight for you and dig you out of that mess.  So, without running the risk of getting too philosophical, I will stop there but before I do, let me just say…be a good person – be a person that you can be proud of yourself for being.

Now, on to the book…

Amazing, breath taking, calculated – I bet I could use every word in the alphabet to describe this book.  Ethan and Finley were barely surviving apart before life threw them back together.  Both were just living but not living for the glorious moments.  When these two come together, their glorious moments are what made this book for me.  The wonderful way this book was written also made this book for me.  Amelie has this uncanny ability to bring me to my knees and make me re-evaluate my life.

Be ready for everything in this book.  Every emotion worms its way into you heart when you read about Ethan and Finley.  It is so beautiful and heart breaking all at the same time and while I knew what I was getting into because Vain tossed me through the ringer, Fury did not disappoint and did as much as emotional damage as Vain (but in a good way.) J

Throughout the entire book, I highlighted quotes.  These quotes, at that moment, touched my heart and after going through all of them, I have decided to only post two.  These two are a promise of the love you are going to read about.

“You’ve got this, Fin.  You’ve got this, and I’ve got you.”
“You are beautiful,” I declared.  “You are the beautiful one here.  All of this,” I said, gesturing to the earth and water surrounding us.  “It is humbled by you, plain when it shares space with you.  It could only beg to sit at your feet, this earth.  That is how remarkable you are, Finley Dyer.”

*THUMP, THUMP* That is my heart beating in over-time.

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