Saturday, February 14

Review: Wild at Heart by Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese

Title: Wild at Heart
By: Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese
Series: Untamed #4
My Copy: Ebook from Authors
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With his dad hell-bent on destroying him, Dare's life hangs in the balance. Fearing the worst, Reagan rushes from Paris to New York, hoping to get to him in time, only to find their entire world collapsing around them.

The threat is too real, risk too high, death too possible. Unfair doesn't even begin to cover it.

Two wild hearts that belong together, trapped in a world trying to break them apart. But a love this strong has to survive...doesn't it?

I honestly think these two wonderful authors are trying to kill me with their amazing writing skills, intense drama, fantastic characters, and these cliffhangers.  I’m too young to die!!!!

What I love about this series is that no matter how long it takes me to get to the next book, I am immediately sucked back into Dare and Ree’s world.  I’m hooked on them!  Their love is so beautiful because they are truly meant to be a together – even in this fictional world that Green and Reese have created.  In my eyes, they are one of the best fictional couples around.  This is saying a lot because I read a lot of books with great couples. 

Let’s talk about this book…holy crap - crap happened in this book!  It was a whirlwind of danger, anger, love, friendship, and so much more.  It has all of the elements of a great book, which is why it IS a great book (and a great series.)

I can’t even begin to talk about the ending. What a fantastic cliffhanger that has put me in a state of freak-out mode that I will continuously be in until I start the next book.

Bravo Green and Reese, you two have done it again and I have no doubt that the last installment will be just as brilliant as the rest have been.

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