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Review: Thrash by JC Emery

Title: Thrash
By: JC Emery
Series: Bayonet Scars #2
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Loneliness suffocates the heart. Acceptance breaks down walls.

As a Lost Girl to the Forsaken Motorcycle Club, Nicole Whelan knows how to party. She’s not cut-out for relationships and her life is way too complicated for anything more than casual encounters. But one night when she falls into Duke’s bed at the clubhouse, he sees something in her that he can’t let go of—no matter how many times she tries to run.

Having been left to raise her teenage brother, Jeremy, she’s already got her hands full and isn’t looking for anymore complications. But Duke’s just watched his best friend fall for the only girl he couldn’t have, and then almost lose her so shortly after, shaking him to his core. Faced with his own loneliness, he’s more determined than ever to break down Nic’s walls and show her that he can be good for her; but he’s got a bad track record and she’s got a bad temper. Changing his ways isn’t easy when he’s not sure what he’s even changing for.

The violence and turmoil are at an all-time high, and Forsaken is in a vulnerable place when a twist of fate breathes new life into the club. It’s a much-needed beacon of hope for the embattled biker family, even if everyone’s not exactly on board. With Duke and Nic’s relationship already on shaky ground, and something even more important at stake, the Forsaken Motorcycle Club will fight like hell to keep their family together and whole.

Love is never more precious than when it’s new.

Thrash is Book 2 of the Bayonet Scars series. To rehash we previously reviewed Ride by JC Emery; which was the first installment of this series. It was an inventive twist of a Mafia and Biker MC compilation novel. As a Mafian Princess, Alexandra is usually untouchable, but through a twisted and innocent oversight she finds herself the rat. There is a certainty that she will not make it out of this alive. When The Forsaken Motorcycle Club rescues her out of her murdering families clutches this starts a dangerously wild ride. The rest is history, and you just will have to read it. Thrash follows the same time frame and basic story line of the previous book only this highlights Duke and Nicole. Nicole is the daughter of a club member that has been locked up for the past several years, and has had quite the short end of the stick. Duke is the MC member that caught Nic's eye long before he even fathomed thoughts of the club. Unbeknownst to Nicole the feelings are mutual, but in what she believes to be a moment of weakness she falls prey to Duke sexual needs. Only this was not a one night stand or Duke's mission to find a good time. Nicole is yet another of my favorite hard ass characters, and she has found her position in the club as a Lost Girl. There are two stories running throughout this story line, because of the proximity of story lines. Readers will enjoy returning to some of the more memorable moments of book 1; while experiencing the new and twisted story of our new characters. Seeing as how we follow much of the same story line there is no further resolution of the obstacles we were previously facing, but in the end we actually seemed to have added to them by the developments of this additional story line. The Bayonet Scars series is the rough and taboo atmosphere that one would expect from such a crew. Some may take offense to the brutal mentality of this book, but honestly it is much of the same you would get with any MC novel. If you find this bothersome you probably would enjoy any of our recommendations for MC novels. Some of us are just more twisted than others, and love the assholery of such characters. I am anxious to check out Rev, Book 3 of the Bayonet Scars, that I will be starting right away. 
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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