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Review: The Redemption by S.L. Scott

Title: The Redemption
By: S.L. Scott
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
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He was everything she never wanted. Yet, she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Soulful, amber eyes

A sex, drugs, and rock n’roll reputation

A body that beckoned for sin

Three years ago Rochelle Floros was living her dream come true… then lost it all. On the worst day of her life, the last person she expected to be there for her was a rock star and tabloid favorite. Now, she’s trying to rebuild her life after the tragedy that destroyed her fairytale. Slowly, she found herself captivated by a sexy, bad boy drummer she had known for years.

Rochelle was caught between the grief that shrouded her heart and the charismatic man that made it race. What she didn’t know is if he was being sincere or toying with her heart. The Redemption is about finding the pulse of your soul in the most unlikely places and giving love a chance to grow.

Can what she wants really be what she needs? With his rhythm and her passion, can they make music together? Or will their harmony be lost forever?

There were many things that I liked about The Redemption and many things that I could have done without.  It’s time like these that make being a book blogger hard because, while I could never be an author and I have the utmost respect for them, sometimes books give you a little awe but not a full blown awe like you want.

I liked Rochelle and Dex’s characters and I liked the fact that Dex has always loved Rochelle even when she was married to Cory but stayed away because he was Dex’s best friend.  I liked how both Rochelle and Dex have this tattered life that they are both working on and know that while they do so badly want each other, that they have to fix themselves before becoming a couple.  What use are you going to be in a relationship if you can’t love yourself?  This was a huge theme that I kept see popping up throughout the story.  Now, with that being said—or typed—this is one of the things that got me the most.  It was this constant pull of “I need you. You are the only one for me. You make me better,” and the push of “I am not worthy of you. I can’t be with you.  I’ll only break you,” that was kind of excessive in my eyes.  I was a rollercoaster of “be with me” and in a few days it would be “we can’t be together.”  It got old—fast!

Now on to more good things that I liked: I loved how Dex treated Rochelle’s boys in the story.  It was so cute to see him teach them how to play the drums and all the sweet things that he did for him.  This let me know that he truly did love Rochelle even if he was a complete jerk to her sometimes.  I liked how, because of Cory’s death, Rochelle was damaged.  It takes a while for the reader to get to the point where she realizes that loving Dex does not mean that she no longer loves Cory.  Sometimes I feel like books will just skip over the mourning phase and go straight in to the ‘I love another man’ phase.  Rochelle or Dex are not 100% perfect in this book and that is what makes them life-like characters.

I don’t know the background of all the characters because this is the first book that I have read in the series so maybe if I knew more, I would have formed another opinion, but all in all, it was good.

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