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Review: Felix by Elizabeth Reyes

Title: Felix
By: Elizabeth Reyes
Series: 5th Street
My Copy: Book from Author
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They say the only good thing about hitting rock bottom is that it can't get any worse . . . or can it?

World famous boxing champ, Felix Sanchez, had it all—the fame, the fortune, and all the women any man could ask for. When the hours of partying followed by hours spent in court and in rehab begin to outnumber the hours he spends training, losing his title comes as no surprise to everyone. The world assumes he deserved to lose it.

Only those closest to Felix know the real truth behind his sudden downward spiral. And if Felix has his way, no one else ever will. With an uncertain future ahead of him, he heads back to his roots—5th Street—the gym that started it all for him. It's where he meets the humble but mighty little Ms. Ella.

The only times Felix had ever decided to forgo the usual meaningless fling and try a real relationship he was burned badly. Now the adorable but tenacious self-defense instructor has him considering this love thing one more time.

Then just when he begins to worry that his past is letting his possessive and jaded heart get the best of him, he's blindsided in the most brutal way—he's brought to his knees—to what could be the one low in his life he may never recover from.

It’s the last 5th Street story and I have no problem admitting that it was hard to start and finish this book knowing that this world was opened to me a few years ago and would close the moment I read the last word.  Granted, I know that I always have to books to go back and re-read (and I will) but it is still just sad that I don’t get to read more about these wonderful men – the 5th Street guys.

So, what did I think?  I absolutely loved it!  I will say that I had some iffy feelings for Felix during the other books because he was a little rougher than the other guys.  I knew deep down he was good but he sure did create some problems every once and a while.  However, this attitude that he presented made me excited to read about him, because I know that Elizabeth would do a wonderful job writing his story and making me fall in love with him…which she did!

I don’t think that I ever connected with a 5th Street guy more than I did with Felix.  All of them were great, but Felix was a little different.  Like I said before, he was a little rougher, but it was the back-story behind him that won my heart over.  It was also the way he treated Ella that made my heart soar even more.  As a character, Felix truly struggled with his life and the choices that he made but Ella made him rethink all of it and their relationship was beautiful.  So beautiful that I actually cried reading the amount of hope and love that they had for each other and I cried because of the struggles that they went through.

I remember going over to Jackie’s house one day and she held up the book that we received from Elizabeth (THANK YOU!) and said, “Lookie what we got.” I immediately snatched it out of her hands and didn’t give her the choice to read it first.  When I finished it and dropped it off a few days later, I told her, “Be ready, it will make you love Elizabeth, Felix, and you will cry.”

This book was a fantastic end to a wonderful series.  Thank you Elizabeth for sharing their stories with us.

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