Thursday, July 10

Review: Shatter by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: Shatter
By: Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Seaside #3
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Sometimes the only way to heal... is to shatter.

Rock star Alec Daniels has it all. Love, fame, money... But being in the limelight isn't all it’s cracked up to be, and after one bad choice comes back to haunt him he is left picking up the pieces of his carefully constructed life. Now he faces the toughest decision of his life: 
Deal with his mistake like a man, or dive back into the dark hole of depression, drugs, and denial that have been his comfort for so long.
One wrong move could destroy everything. His girlfriend, his family, and his future.

A flash back to the sweet loved couple. This book takes us back to Alec and Nat. After the friction filled first novel we were left with a HEA, but there was a lot of past to muddle through. This book covers all of that muddling. Left to his own devices Alec takes a wrong turn though, and chooses unwisely. This was an incredible conclusion for this couple, and also a second chance to watch the story unfold for Demetri and Alyssa. I like this dual story line, and watching two romances at once. This was a great story, but with so many explosive situations this was the first time I might have found myself a bit overwhelmed. There is a moment in the climax that I think there may have been too much going on at once. Rachel Van Dyken has continued to write more stories that will capture readers within the pages. Overall, this might not have been my favorite Van Dyken story, but it was wonderful none the less. I will be looking forward to Jamison's story to follow in Fall.

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