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Review: Scare Crow by Julie Hockley

scare crow

Title: Scare Crow

By: Julie Hockley

Series: Crow’s Row #2

My Copy: Ebook from Amazon

BookWhisperer Rating:

Five Books

Nineteen-year-old Emily Sheppard is losing her sanity. Ever since her mob king boyfriend, Cameron Hillard, abandoned her for her own good, Emmy has been attempting to move on with her charmed college student life as if nothing happened. Now rejected from the underworld and left grieving over Cameron’s alleged death, Emmy realizes she belongs nowhere. Worse yet, she is now keeping a dangerous secret.
After just a short time with Emily, Cameron has lost control over his world. As he miserably attempts to return to what is left of his life and unravel the mess he has made of the underworld, Emily’s hate turns to desperation. She needs to kill the kingpins responsible for Cameron’s death before they come looking for her. As Cameron secretly observes Emily, he has no idea of the danger he has placed her in—or that it may already be too late for him to save her.
Scare Crow is a tale of revenge, terror, and love as Emmy and Cameron embark on separate journeys to face enemies, correct past mistakes, and find their way to their destinies.

our thoughts

OMG!!! I never thought I would get it. After such an agonizing wait Scare Crow is finally available. This sequel to the beloved Crow's Row was everything that I was waiting for. After the shattering conclusion of book 1 this book seriously had it's work cut out, and I was praying that the author wouldn't flop. Emmy and Cameron will continue this adventure with alternating chapters. It is also telling two entirely different stories, because they are both living separate lives. As they stumble through life we will see the inevitable conclusion looming in the distance, but no predictions about how we are going to get there. There were key moments that would stand out leaving me with clues to possible ways to connect their two lanes, but every encounter they seemed to be passing with a hairs breathe of near misses. I was shocked with the development of Emmy's character in this book, and look for her to develop into one powerful player. This sequel was incredible, and I was very happy to see the further development as well as reintroduction of characters. Julie Hockley is an incredibly talented author that can tell one hell of a story. She creates an entire world in vivid color. I feel as though a story by Julie will engulfs you into her mind, so that you are almost watching it in living color. I am beside myself now as to what will come, and how they can survive this deadly world they live in. After such a long wait I have no idea what or when we can expect to see more about this series. These waits are killing me.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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