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Review: All For Maddie by Jettie Woodruff

all for maddie

Title: All For Maddie

By: Jettie Woodruff

My Copy: Ebook from Author for Honest Review

BookWhisperer Rating:

Four Books

I believe in love at first sight... because I am a mother.
Living a complete lie, holding on to a secret that could cost me the most important thing in my life was about to surface. I couldn’t breathe without Maddie. Maddie was my life. The saying about dying for your child is the absolute truth. The other things you would do are comparable to that of death. I know, I did those things. I did unthinkable things, all for Maddie. I continued the lie, the secrets with the one man who had no right. People say you always have options. That’s a lie. I had no choice. I did it all for her... for my Maddie.

our thoughts

As a Mother, All For Maddie is a tragic terrifying story. I don't really know what I expected going into this book, but it was not at all what I had anticipated. From the start I was puzzled by Alex's character, and the actual prospect that this a relationship could exist at all for this couple. She was raped how could you possibly find yourself able to recover from such a marred past. Alex is pushy and malicious from the start I have a hard time falling for his charms, and as the story continued found myself more and more perplexed by this harmonious existence that they find with one another.
Then the shit hit the fan! What in the world just happened. While I questions every motivation and gracious act by his character. Unbeknownst to me, I guess I really had begun to believe him, because each and every time when the bottom dropped out so did my stomach. And I do mean every time, but this happened quite a few times. This book was just packed full of Jekyll and Hyde scenarios with Alex. Then at one point I even began to question Whitley, and wondering if each situation was her perception of the stories and not what was actually happening. In the end, I have to say that I am still reeling from the turn of events. I am not entirely certain if tables were turned that I would be able to love such a man. The avenues and depths at which he went this story to keep her were malicious and vindictive; couple that with the fact in which Maddie was brought into existence, and you are let with a world of scars that hold me back.
All For Maddie twisted my emotions into knots. I might just have to get a massage to work out the tension throughout my shoulders from the strain that this book vividly displays. This is nightmare and fairytale all wrapped up into one. The Girl given anything her heart desires and love, but shadowed by a terribly tragic past. This is a book that I feel many readers will love, but I think it will mount an equally extensive group of haters. Jettie Woodruff tests your limits, and ability to accept love at all costs. This was such a well written story that I will be looking for more from this author. She has displayed her strong talent for intrigue works that I find most enjoyable.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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