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Review: Operation Endgame by Christi Snow

operation endgame

Title: Operation Endgame

By: Christi Snow

Series: When the Mission Ends #1

My Copy: Ebook from Author for Review

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three books

It’s been six months.
Six months since Jake Madsen let Chris Robertson die.
Six months since the passion between Jake and Cassie, Chris’ sister, stepped over the line.
But now Cassie’s being stalked and it’s time for Jake to swallow his guilt, grief, and lust so he can save her life, even if it’s a life without him. He owes it to his dead friend and he owes it to Cassie. He’s fallen in love with her, but she doesn’t have to know that for him to keep her safe.

our thoughts

This description captured my attention immediately. I was looking for something like what I have come to expect from Julie Ann Walker in her Black Knights Inc series. While the story line is very much like what I find in everyone of her novels; there is a very big difference in the writing style. Operation:Endgame was a great story about three friends, and a tragic story of loss and love that will take you on a romantic roller coaster. One thing that I come to love about the action packed suspense novels is the reality of the stories. Snow's story further confirms my adoration for such realistic novels, but I was a bit distracted about one aspect of her story. When the plot thickens the admirers seemed to develop in waves. The story was strong and steady, but at a much slower pace than what I am used too. I am was anxious for this stories intensity and action packed story line. I found this to be focused primarily on the climatic ending. Snow offers a long building treasured love.

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