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Monday, December 9

Review: Take Me Home Tonight (Welcome to Paradise #2) by Elle Kennedy

Title: Take Me Home Tonight
By: Elle Kennedy
Series: Welcome to Paradise #2
My Copy:
Book Whisperer's Rating: 

One unforgettable night…a lifetime of regret?

Three years. That’s how long Maddie’s been running the reception desk at Owen Bishop’s construction company—and waiting for her sexy boss to wake up and realize she’s more woman than the airhead bimbos he seems to prefer.

Even after her friends spring an ambush makeover on her, Owen barely notices. Apparently shedding her one-of-the-guys, tomboy looks isn’t enough. Looks like it’s time to step up her game, even if it means looking for lessons in all the wrong places.

While Owen can’t help but notice Maddie’s stunning transformation, the truth is, he likes her just the way she is—polished up or dressed down. Like his playboy father, though, he’s always been restless when it comes to women. Maddie’s friendship is too important to risk hurting her.

When Maddie shows up at his door ready to rock his world, all his resistance crumbles. But in the back of his mind, the question remains…how can she trust him with her vulnerable heart, when he’s not sure he can trust himself?

This book is for all the girls out there who have pined over a guy who has never even looked at you twice.  This is exactly the case that Maddie finds herself in.  After a makeover, Maddie is sure that Owen will see her for an actual girl but finds that this is not the case (or so she thinks.)

What I liked about this book was that the moment that Maddie walked in the office all gussied up, Owen didn’t have an instant transformation into wanting her, the plot took its time with letting the attraction show.  It wasn’t a “oh, you have a skirt on so that means you are a girl and we should have sex,” kind of story.  It was more like a “I have always seen you as a woman but I truly value our friendship to take this farther right now.”  It made me like Owen a whole lot more for taking his time.

What I would have liked Kennedy adding into this plot…more meat!  Lately, her other stories have more meat to the plot.  ‘Something that has happened and has made this character the way that they are’ kind of meat but unfortunately, this story didn’t have that.  However, it was a good, quick, heated read so you can’t pass that up. J

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