Sunday, November 24

Review: Truce, The Historic Neighbor from Hell (Neighbor from Hell #4) by R.L. Mathewson

Title: Truce, The Historic Neighbor from Hell
By: R.L. Mathewson
Series: Neighbor from Hell #4
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Elizabeth knows what’s expected of her, perfection. She’s the daughter of an Earl and expected to marry well, say and do the right things with a smile on her face when inside she’s dying for a chance to escape. Thanks to an inheritance her godmother left her years ago, her chance will come with her next birthday. Her hopes of escape abruptly end when Robert, her childhood nemesis that she hasn’t seen in over fourteen years, comes back into her life and does everything he can to drive her out of her mind even as he steals her heart.

He hated her.

At least, he tried to hate her, but it was so damn difficult to hate someone that he couldn’t live without. He tried to ignore her, tried to focus on anything but her, but nothing worked. Somehow she made her way into his heart and started to make him want things that he never though possible, made him smile and laugh even while she drove him out of his mind and started a legacy by turning him into…..

A Bradford.

I don’t think that Mathewson could write anything that wouldn’t appeal to me.  She took one of my favorite series and turned the fourth installment into a historical book with a ‘Neighbor from Hell’ twist.  How more brilliant can she be?!

What a wonderful addition to a fantastic series and I honestly loved ever minute of it.  I loved the beginning story that set up the plot for the main course.  Elizabeth and Robert hate each other with such an intense passion that you know the moment that they fall in love, it will be the best moment of the story.  Side note: Can I just say that the best passion comes from hatred. 

They hate each other as children, they don’t see each other for years and do not recognize each other when their paths cross until they are introduced to each other again.  Then more hatred starts, but it starts with a different perspective given their encounter in the orange garden. 

Ekkk, it is brilliant.  It shows the beginning of the Bradford clan and how intensely they love; what more could you ask for in a book?