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Friday, August 23

Review: Born Wild by Julie Ann Walker

Title: Born Wild
By: Julie Ann Walker
Series: Black Knight Ops #5
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
BookWhisperer Rating:

She's got three rules:

1. Trust no one… Eve Edens has been abandoned, used, or manipulated by almost everyone she's ever met. Born into ridiculous wealth, she's dealt with the petty jealousies and sordid little resentments for nearly thirty years. But after three botched attempts on her life, she can no longer ignore the truth. Someone wants her dead.

2. Avoid the bad boys at all costs… William "Wild Bill" Reichert, the wonderfully sexy boy who abandoned her years ago, is back in town. Only he's no boy. Now he's a covert operative - and he's all man. When Eve hires Bill to help her discover who is behind the attacks, Bill soon comes to suspect it's someone much closer to Eve than she dares to believe.

3. And never fall for the same ruse twice… The search for the killer takes Bill and Eve deep into the dark secrets and strange world of the rich and famous, and into the heart of red-hot passion re-ignited by the peril that threatens to consume them both. But does Eve dare risk her heart on Bill a second time?
Julie Ann Walker has been one of my absolute favorite authors since the first glimpse I had of Hell on Wheels. Now five books later it is just as clear today why I am so enraptured with her writing, because every single story is packed full of heart pounding action sequences and mouthwatering love stories. While I have to say that Thrill Ride is by far my absolute favorite in this series it is not due to the lacking of story in any of the remainder of the books. It is purely the attraction to the characters, and the feeling of home in the story. Thrill Ride just happens to be that for me. Although, Born Wild has been the story in the making from the start. All the way from In Rides Trouble (book 2) this vicious and grudging relationship has been running as a side story. I was ready to pick this relationship apart, and finally see their happily ever after. Wild Bill is the perfect mixture of alpha gentlemen. If that isn’t the most ironic word I have ever used. The perfection in his character with the right amount of man handling and caressing was perfect; further proving my point on the incredible and amazing talent of this author. Eve which is our female lead, as well as Becky’s best friend, was just as she has always been. Seeing that I am not a very finicky female I tend to find her character occasionally grating on my nerves. While I love her, and am one of her biggest fans; I find myself frustrated when she acts like a weak woman. Just as she says several times, she need to find her “ladyballs”. It is the constant wishy washy back and forth strength that tend to make me want to reach in the story, and smack a character. So here we are with the HEA for Wild Bill and Eve, but as with every other story is obvious who will be the next victim to love lasso. The introduction of friction between Mac and Delilah have me jumping with joy. There is no doubt that this will be another amazing ride, and with my attraction to their already presented character details I am secretly hoping for another display of Thrill Ride talent!!!!!!~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~

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